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evaluation question 1


Usman Shabaz

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of evaluation question 1

Double click anywhere & add an idea A close up shot of one the characters buttoning his shirt, this creates a good continuous scene. A medium long shot where two charaters are facing each other. This shows the different type's of clothing worn, but it also shows the authority and power of one individual over another. Title scene, a close up where the key goes in the ignition. A close up shot of the key coming out of the ignition. A Medium shot, we see the the character buttoning his shirt. The change of clothes from black clothing to white. This symbolises the change from evil to good. A close up shot. This shot is used in the end to create a cliff hanger type of ending to the opening scene. A medium long shot to show the full clothing of the character as clothing can at times describe a person itself. A Long shot, this is done to give a glance of the background aswell as to show the character. This is a dolly shot where we see throught the eyes of another character. Evaluation question 1 - In what way does your media product use, develop or change forms and convention of real media products? The title shot, the black background creates a dark effect making the title stand out even more. Special effects were done to construct such an image, where we see the main character on some kind of a branch and an image of a the card Joker creating a bit of twist. In this image of special effects, we see a vain which is cut and leaks out blood in the shape hearts (refering to playing cards) this could suggest that in the life certain situations require you to play your cards right as one mistake could be the decider of life and death. Here in this scene we see a target on the Queens face, this could possibly mean that no matter what gender, race or social status you have you could still be in some kind of danger. In this medium shot of this characters (the only character we see through out the whole scene) posture give the character a hard look which the gun adds to. In this scene we see two fictional characters physically attacking each other, one in black and one in red and near them we see the credits. The credits are the same colour, size and font throught out the whole part of the opening scene. This is a close up shot write at the end of the scene, the shakening look creates a tense atmosphere for the perfect start. In this shot we see a fictional gun, and above that gun we see credits some which are in block capitals and catch the eye straight away. Here we see alot of branches and coming out of those branches are alot of leaves in the shape of spades ( refering to playin card). Furthermore we see a hand picking one leaf, this may be referring to that life is a gamble and out of so many choices you may be required to pick one which in the end could benefit or even destroy you. Similarties Differences The ending scene ends with a close up of the face. Title was in the middle. Casino Royale had special effect where as The Betrayal 1989 didnt. Slower moving picture, giving a slow suttle tone to the picture Different type of colour contrast Casino Royale shows only the main character Only non-digetic sound in Casino Royale and both types of sound in The Betrayal 1989. costume of the main character in Casion Royal and The Betrayal 1989 were similiar "suit's". Conclusion In conclusion The Betrayal 1989 isnt very similiar to Casino Royale even though they both go in the same genre they both are very different in their own way. The way both opening scene's are projected give's them both a tense atmosphere creating a heart pumping feeling in the audience, as they end in the same way leaving the audience at the edge of their seat from the start.
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