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Present Perfect and Past Simple

English Main Course Assignment

Patricia Inggriani

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Present Perfect and Past Simple

Present Perfect Member Member Present Perfect & Past Simple Member use it when you talk about a finished time
(for example, yesterday/10 minutes ago/in 1999/when I was a child) JUST = a short time ago

ALREADY = to say that something happened sooner than expected

YET = until now. Use it only in questions and negative sentences. I/we/they/you have he/she/it has past participle to talk about recent events
to talk about experiences
to talk about actions that have an effect on the present
To talk about an even or situation that began in the past and continues up to now

for : a period of time
since : a point of time We use both been and gone as the past participles of the verb go.

been : somebody has returned
gone : somebody has not returned Past Simple use past simple for things that are not recent or new. Present Perfect use it for new or recent happenings. UNIT 5 What we will learn :
Present Perfect
The difference between Present Perfect & Past Simple created by
Maria Patricia and Wani Riselia Thank You For Your Participation :) QUIZ A. Which is correct? 1. Everything is going well. We didn't have / haven't had any problems so far. 2. Lisa didn't go / hasn't gone to work yesterday. She wasn't feeling well. 3. Your son is much taller when I last show him. He grew / has grown a lot. 4. I still don't know what to do. I didn't decide / haven't decided yet. 5. A: Anna has gone out.
B: Oh, has she? What time did she go / has she gone? B. Complete the sentences! 6. A: Is David still here?
B: No, I'm afraid he isn't. He ... about ten minutes ago. 7. X: How was your holiday? ... a nice time?
Y: Yes, thanks. It was great. 8. A: How often do you go to the cinema?
B: Very rarely. It's nearly a year since ... to the cinema. 9. A: Is Martin here?
B: No, he ... (go) out.
A: When exactly ... (he / go) out?
B: About ten minutes ago. 10. Complete the "mbekmbekmbek" gaps! Affirmative [+]
Subject + Past Simple Negative [-]
Subject + did not + infinitive Interrogative [?]
Did + Subject+ Infinitive + ?
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