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Ethan Monk

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of ISLAM

Islam is a religion that originated in the Middle East, specifically in the holy city of Mecca, regarded as holy by Muslims. Islam is a monotheistic religion which believes in the same God as Christians or Jews. Islam was believed to be always there, just not always revealed. One of the most vital concepts of Islam is that there is only One God. Islam is the second largest religion in the world and is one of the fastest growing religions and has about 2 billion Muslims worldwide.
Allah is the Arabic word for God, which is the only one worshiped and is the same God worshiped by Christians or Jews. God is the greatest, most merciful, and is the one who created everything. God is the Only God and watches over everything. In Islam, a major part of a prayer is saying 'God is Great' or in Arabic, 'Allah Akbar' and 'There is no god but God' or 'La illah a illa lah.' This heard throughout Muslim prayers.
Islam was always there, it was just revealed a few thousand years ago by the prophets such as Jesus, Abraham, Moses and Muhammad in the Arabian Peninsula.
The Qur'an
The Qur'an is the book, similar to the bible, that the Muslims read out of to comprehend the fundamentals of the religion.
It first came down to the Prophet Muhammad in a cave outside Mecca by the Angel Gabriel. These were the words of Allah (God).
Muhammad is the messenger of God and was born in Mecca in the 6th century A.D. He was educated of Islam in a cave outside Mecca, where the Qur'an was brought down. He was the last prophet.
When people die, they go to a place where everyone is. Then when the earth ends and Day of Judgement comes, everyone will be judged and will be put in heaven if they are good and hell if they are bad. However, there are seven levels of heaven.
Muslims are required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in their life if they are physically or financially able. Muslims also should give alms, and pray five times a day. Muslims are not allowed to eat pork (or unclean food) or drink alcohol.
Muslims should pray five times a day at specific times and must cleanse themselves before they pray by washing themselves. Muslims should also read the Qur'an. When killing animals for food, Muslims must kill the animal in a certain way by cutting the artery in the neck which quickly kills the animal and causes no suffering to the animal. Before doing this, Muslims must say 'Bismillah,'. This is known as halal food.
Five Pillars of Islam
1) Testimony of Faith stating there is only One God and Muhammad is his messenger.
2) Alms giving
3) Prayers
4)Fasting during Ramadan
5)Pilgrimage to Mecca
Interesting Facts
An interesting story is there was a group of soldiers ordered by a man named Ibraha to destroy the Kaaba. The soldiers tried to get elephants to destroy the Kaaba and scare people away. However, the elephants refused to attack the Kaaba and birds carrying burning hot rocks dropped the rocks on Ibraha and his soldiers and they burned up and died.
The hijab is the garment that
women must wear in the mosque
to cover their hair and in some cases, their face. Some women prefer to wear it outside of the mosque for protection.
If a Muslim is financially or physically able, he or she must make Hajj, or a pilgrimage to the Kaaba. they must all wear white or simple garments to show equality of all Muslims under God. The Kaaba is in Saudi Arabia and is visited on Eid Al Adha.
Extremists, mercenaries
and fake jihadists.
Just as other religions, Islam has extremists. Many of the "extremists" in the Middle East are foreigners, mercenaries, or seriously off-track "Muslims". Many of these people have referred to "jihad". Jihad's true meaning means 1) the inner struggle to be a good Muslim, 2)the holy war during the Crusades, and 3) the spreading of Islam. Yet, these people are very wrong in their means and are not truly associated with Islam. Many people and mercenaries who fight in Islam's name, make the religion look bad. However, as you know, Islam is a beautiful religion not at all associated with these crazy people.
Sunni and Shiites
The two Muslim groups are Sunni and Shia. It started when some people said that Muhammad's son-in-law or someone related to Muhammad should be the next caliph. These were the Shiites.The majority said it should be someone worthy of ruling who is devoted to Islam. These were the Sunni. There are only about 10-13% Shia out of the entire Muslim population, and Sunnis are the majority. However, today, the Sunni and Shiites' real differences aren't much practiced today and they all believe in the same religion, yet the Sunni-Shia difference is majorly used as a political excuse or reason for fighting today. True Muslims do not believe in different sects or groups and instead believes all Muslims are ONE.
Islam's symbol is the crescent moon with the star.

Mosques are the place of worship for Muslims. They can be quite elegant, famous, large, and in many styles such as Ottoman, modern Arabic, and more. One famous one is the Blue Mosque in Turkey.
Adam &Eve
Adam and Eve were the first humans created by God. They committed a sin and started the Fall which Jesus ended.
Islam has two major celebrations. The first is Eid Al Fitr, when Ramadan ends. The second is Eid Al Adha, when people make pilgrimage to Hajj and honor the sacrifice of the sheep Abraham made. During these celebrations, people get together and there are a lot of presents. People celebrate in all kinds of ways such as feasts or big family gatherings and parties.
Day of Judgement
The Day of Judgement is an inevitable day that will come (the exact date was never revealed or known by anyone) where everyone will be judged for their actions in life and see if you go to heaven or hell. On the Day of Judgement, the earth will explode and everything will be demolished and gone. However, there are signs that the Day is coming. A major one is a man will come with an eye on his forehead who is a nonbeliever and say he is a god. He has strange powers which will make many people believe him, but all true Believers will unite and know he is not a god. They will unite to bring him down. Then, Jesus will come down heaven and kill the man once and for all. After the man's death, Jesus will lead the prayers. Another sign is the sun will rise in the west and set in the east.
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