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Porque o teu novo negocio vai fracassar?

No description

Juan Bernabó

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Porque o teu novo negocio vai fracassar?

Porque o teu novo negocio vai fracassar? "To avoid costly product failures, companies can integrate customers into the innovation process and ask for their commitment to purchase early on"

Susumu Ogawa - Kobe University, Japan
Frank T. Pillerand - MIT Sloan School of Management Reduzing Risks of
New Product Development "Most startups fail. But those failures are preventable" When these startups fail, it is usually not because they didn’t execute well enough—on the contrary, they “achieved failure” by building the wrong things very efficiently. Startups cannot use traditional planning and management tools, because their product and customers are unknown. The primary mission of entrepreneurs is to penetrate the uncertainty about what customers will ultimately embrace, and discover a path to a successful business. The Lean Startup methodology offers a scientific approach to creating and managing successful startups. It relies on what Ries calls “validated learning” to build a sustainable business. It is a way of getting continuous feedback so that a company can decide whether or not to persevere in their vision, or pivot and shift directions. It allows entrepreneurs a way to adapt their plans incrementally, inch by inch, minute by minute. In other words, rather than creating an elaborate business plan, The Lean Startup offers a way to test your vision continuously, so that you can innovate and adjust while you still have time to do so. Eric Ries The investment community has not been kind in its assessment of the future value of the communications industry, leading to a $200 billion loss in future value among a group of major industry players just over the past couple of years. ? ! Hypotese Hypotese validada T The Problem Traditional Management is about delivering known solutions to known customers on known enviroments Failure rate is up to 80% in New Product Development The Solution Most of the time the solution is just looking at the problem with new eyes E como Lean Startup pode te ajudar a evita-lo BUT WHY? Business Plans are Evil Alisson Vale Cynefin
Framework Dave Snowden Next Steps
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