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5.04 Holocaust Assignment

by Julia Godfrey

Julia Godfrey

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of 5.04 Holocaust Assignment

5.04 Holocaust Assignment
Where did you go? Describe your experience at the camp. What happened to your family? How did the United States respond to your experience?
After the soldiers removed us from our houses, they took us to labor camps, took all of our clothes, and separated us. My parents went one way and my brother and I went another way. We were so scared we would never see our parents again. These camps were horrendous. We didn't get much food, it was always cold and we had to sleep on wooden bunks. I fear that I might die tomorrow. The US did not respond to my situation as far as I know.
What will your future bring? Predict what you think will happen to you now that you have been liberated. How has the world changed since your imprisonment? How have you changed?
All this pain that my brother and I have been going through is now over. After we were liberated, we we reunited with our mother but my father was not so fortunate. Going through this experience has made me think a lot about life. Through my eyes, the world and its inhabitants have changed a lot. I am grateful for everything I have, even though it's not much.
Why were you persecuted?
I was persecuted because I am Jewish. Hitler wanted every Jew to be killed. Wherever his armies went, Jews were treated the same as they were in Germany. When Hitler's armies had reached their greatest extent in 1942, most of Europe's Jews were under Nazi control. Many Jews like me were persecuted because Hitler didn't like Jewish people.
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