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The Rights To The Streets Of Memphis

No description

Tyree Lee

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The Rights To The Streets Of Memphis

Exposition When Richard and the group of boys
get into a fight. Richard closes his eyes and is flaying the boys with the stick
his mom gave him. Climax Protagonist- The leading character- Wright was the
leading/ head character. Wright is a young boy who
is hungry and has to learn to take care of him self.
Antagonist- Creates obstacles- The gang of boys are
the antagonist. They jump him when Richard tries
to go to the store and get food.
Setting-The Place- Took place in the 1900s in Memphis Tennessee, on the street.
Conflict- The group of boys that beat him up.
Because they are beating him up, Richard is struck with fear of walking down the street. Falling Action Richard grabs his note and the money, and goes
to the store. Gets what he needs and that's when
he won the rights to the streets of Memphis. Rising Action Richard is sent out the house by his mom with a
note and some money. He is walking down the street
and the group of boys he saw came near him. They
beat him up and took the the money. He goes home,
mom gives him another note and he see the group of
boys and now he is scared to go back out there. Falling Action When the parents come out, and
Richard threatens to hit them with
the stick if they get near him
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