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No description

Beth Young

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Smartboard

SMARTboard Projector
(the projector is used to project the picture from your laptop to the SMARTboard)
Touch screen
(you can touch the screen, click on ions, show work to the class, and say if you are in a lecture at uni, instead of being behind your laptop/computer all the time you can just touch the smart board and it will do its thing)
Right click
(Press the button with the mouse on it then touch the screen it will give you a right click)
(To use the Synchroniser:
You hold down the two buttons at the bottom of the SMARTboard at the same time until a different screen comes up. The screen should have nine crosses on it evenly spread out touch in the middle or very close to if you don’t get it in the middle or close to when you draw or write something with the pens it will not be in the right spot it will be off a few centimetres)
Key board
(Hold down the button that has a keyboard on it,-the one on the left)
Pens and eraser
(With the pens you can Wright/draw on the SMARTboard through to the page you are on. With the eraser you can erase whatever writing/drawing you have done and don’t want there any more.)
what is a SMARTboard?? A SMARTboard is something that allows you to get up out of your seat and touch the SMARTboard and you don’t need to be at your computer all the time. This means you can press on the SMARTboard with your finger to make a action. If you click the button on the right of the SMARTboard then once on the board you get a right click and a “double-press” with your finger is a double mouse click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Smartboard_2010.JPG http://www.interactivewhiteboard.net.au/training/videos.aspx
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