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unpredictable life events

No description

emma donegar

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of unpredictable life events

Unpredictable life events These are the things that are unexpected to happen to you in your life Redundancy Redundancy Bullying physical bullying Bullying Bullying is unpredictable because the individual does not set out to be bullied. This could affect that individual socially and emotionally as he/she will feel un-easy talking to others and withdrawn from friends, they could also feel emotionally drained from stress, anxiety and self-esteem. This could also affect them physically as they may physically be getting bullied by some people or somebody, this could affect there physical skills such as sports at school as they may not want to join in with this because they want to hide bruises. This is an unpredictable life event as no individual expects this to happen and would not choose for this to happen. This can affect the person, physically, emotionally and socially. Physically it may affect them in a way where they do not want to eat or comfort eat which can lead to weight loss or gain weight. Emotionally they may become withdrawn from others, upset or get depressed as they have not got a job or money to supply things for family, leading to depression. Also socially when they withdrawn themselves from others and do not have contact with people.
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