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Our group put together a business plan for an on campus bike rental service for college students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

Jessica Maldoon

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of CAMPUS CRUISE

Students have access to transportation
Cost efficient
Environmentally friendly
Fitness Aspect
Convenient for those on campus
Caitlin Braun | Jessica Maldoon
Andrew Vu | Luke Wlodarski
Current Marketing Situation
2,618 four-year accredited universities in United States
Currently 21 million enrolled students
Half of these students do not have cars on campus
Automobiles make up over 30% of carbon emissions globally
"Freshman fifteen"

Executive Summary

Mission Statement: "To provide hard-working college students a means of transportation in the most convenient, inexpensive, healthy, eco-friendly way possible."
Market Description
Primary Target: Students
Social media and Student Portal
Informational packet in Admissions packet and school mailer
Benefits and Product Features
Product or Service Review
Several locations for bike racks on campus
Kiosk for access with student I.D.
Payment plan set up like meal plan process or Pay As You Go
Competitive Review and Analysis
Bicycle owners
Lyft or Uber
Public Transit
Channels and Logistics Review
Bikes supplied by Divvy
Bikes will have Campus Cruise logo and color
Campus Cruise will be a service that is provided through the school but not paid by or through the school.
Campus Cruise office located in Thousand Oaks, Ca.
First Year:
5 Schools
Revenue: $250,000
Profit: $0-$50,000

Potential Issues
Students that own bikes wont need or want to rent our bikes.
We found that at smaller schools most students have cars.
Universities in major cities might already have deals with bike-sharing companies in the area.
Marketing Strategy
Positioning, Service, Pricing, Distribution, and Promotion
Marketing Communications Strategy
Campus Cruise Brand Representations
Students with interest in our company.
Promote company and paid based on how well they promote.
Marketing Research
Target college students with low to moderate income
Seeking convenient and inexpensive transportation that promotes a healthy lifestyle and is environmentally friendly.

Marketing Organization
Campus Cruise wants to be:
promote a healthy lifestyle.

Promote eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle by:
reducing the carbon footprint
getting exercise in a cheap and convenient way.
Students can pay for these rentals in one of several ways.
Pay $100 per semester for unlimited bike rental use
Would be linked to their ID card much like the meal plans.
Pay to rent for half the day for $3 and full day for $5.
The bikes are placed in bike racks located around the campus.

Students would swipe their ID card on a kiosk and choose how long to rent the bike.

The kiosk would then unlock a bike for student to use for charged time.

After finishing with the bikes, students would simply bring the bikes back to the bike racks and lock them up.
Campus Cruise would work with university relations on campuses. We would promote our service through:
Brochures and advertisements in local and school newspapers
Social media sites such as Facebook and campaigns
Commercials on SCC and PAC12 Networks during college sport games.
Students have to option to pay at beginning of semester like meal plans
Utilize demographic commercials on Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube to target college students
Earth Day campaign #CampusCruiseCleanUp
Campus Cruise will provide bike rentals for college students.

Students can rent these bikes by simply swiping their student ID card.
Total of 40 participants in the survey

Travel an average of 72.25 miles per week

Spend an average of $40.50 each week on travel expenses
Would you use a bike service if one was available on your campus?
40% of students said that they would utilize a bike service while 60% said that they would not.
Most students who said that they would not utilize a bike service were students who attended small colleges, such as CLU.
Primary research consisted of a survey utilizing
Asked our target market questions to find out:
How much they travel
How much they spend on travel
What form of transportation they use
Would they use a bike service if available
Would they use an eco-friendly form of transportation
Would you consider using a more
eco-friendly form of transportation?
Secondary Research
Conducted two small focus groups

Students liked the idea

Determined pricing and that Campus Cruise would be better fit on larger campuses.
Year Two:
20 Schools
Revenue: $1,000,000
Profit: $250,000

Our budget for our first year is $200,000
$100,000 for equipment and installation
Estimated cost per school: $50,000
$75,000 for marketing and advertising
$25,000 for market research

Apps, Internet & Print
Total Budget: $40,000
Pandora PSA: $10,000
YouTube Ads: $10,000
Social Media/ Facebook: $10,000
Print Ads: $10,000
Commercial & TV
Film & production cost of the commercial: $10,000
Total TV Expenses: $25,000
Two one-minute spots during NCAA College Football Championship: $5,000
Year long deal with PAC 12 & SEC Networks: $20,000
Director of Human Resources
Public Relations Manager
Market Research Director
Director of Strategic Marketing
Campus Relations
Maintain relationships with the universities.
Constant communication about issues we or
the campus run into.
· Provide transportation for students on campus that is environmentally friendly, cost efficient and caters to fitness.

· We will reach our target market by using the outlets used by them. i.e. social media, internet radio.

· Watch for Campus Cruise may be coming to your University/College.
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