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Movie Making

No description

Quinn Adams

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of Movie Making

What Is Genius Hour?
Genius hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn in a set time period in school.
Points Of Movie Making
- Pick a song that everyone agrees on. You don't want your cast bailing!

- Think about the song's theme or topic. If its sad, don't act happy.

- Run through app tutorials or reviews.

-Include enough to keep it interesting, but don't overload.
My Video
This is my project. I used the song "Immortals" to show my theme: Empowerment. In this video my cast and I decided on this theme.
My Video
Tips and Tricks:

- Keep fingers away from the lens.

-Good angle shots are important.

- Take your time. Don't rush!

- Have Good Lighting.

- Don't change clothes or hairstyles midway unless you mean to.
My Project
My project is movie making. I use an app called video star to take clips of my friends and siblings and put them together to make a whole music video designed by kids. I let my cast decide what they want in the video, and I help with small problems along the way.
Movie Making
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