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Intermediate 3

No description

Anne Pakler

on 11 February 2019

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Transcript of Intermediate 3

Intermediate 3
wheel of grammar
Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous
elected officials:

We are all going to the park
never in my wildest dreams
(used with the negative form)=I really never thought that this would happen.

give it my best shot = to try my hardest to to this.

running neck and neck = to be tied with, or to have the same level of support.

pull ahead = to move in front of someone.

record turnout = more people than ever before have attended or participated.
Speaking to a group
Top fears
deep water
financial problems
insects & bugs
Language for presentations:
Stating the purpose
Today, I'd like to talk to you about...
I'll begin by (talking about the issue)./
I'll provide an overview of (the issue).
Then I'll list the (the/two/four)...
Stating important points
Let's talk first about...
One of the main causes (of rush hour traffic) is...
Another / A second cause of ... is ...
And finally ...
It's too late to stop him.

Jerry was too young to watch the movie.

There are too many people on this train, there's nowhere to sit.

You have too much money, give some to me.

You've eaten too many of those cakes.
We use
to mean more than is necessary.
Your clothes are big enough to fit me.

You've done enough work. You can stop now.

Have you got enough money to buy me a drink?
We use
to mean sufficient.
You're not working fast enough, you won't finish on time.

Sorry, I haven't got enough food for everyone.

Not enough of my friends are coming to the party.
We use enough in negative sentences to mean less than sufficient or less than necessary.
I have too many/much _______.

I have enough _________.

I don't have enough ________.

The future real conditional is used to describe plans and realistic goals as well as possible outcomes.

It allows you to say that there is a plan, but you are considering possible limiting factors.

You could also use it to mention requirements or steps.
If I am elected president , I will implement bilingual education.

Do you have a healthy lifestyle?
Why or why not?
Read the conversation. Underline the language the doctor uses to give advice.

Do you think the language is is formal or informal?
Giving serious advice.
In my opinion, you should...
I always advise people to...
I think the best idea (for you) is to...
If I were you, I'd...
Accepting advice
You're right. Thanks for the advice.
That makes ( a lot of) sense).
I'll give it a try.
I'll try it and get back to you.
Refusing advice.
I'm not sure that would work for me.
That doesn't (really) make sense to me.
I could never do that.
Do you like sports?
Which sports do you like?
Do you like to watch sports or play?
The modern Athens Marathon commemorates the run of the soldier Pheidippides from a battlefield at the site of the town of Marathon, Greece, to Athens in 490 B.C.
Legend has it that Pheidippides delivered the momentous message "Niki!" ("victory"),
then collapsed and died.

The Athens Marathon is recognized as the original marathon course and it's the same course used in the 2004 Olympics held in Athens.
The first modern Olympic games were held in 1896 in Greece.

The legend of Pheidippides was honored by a 24.85 mile (40,000 meters) run from Marathon Bridge to Olympic stadium in Athens.
Have you ever tried any of them?
Would you ever try ?
What do you know about these different kinds of treatments?
What does word
1. What other syndromes have you heard of? Are any of the serious?

2. What challenges do people face in modern life that people many years ago did not have to deal with?

3. In you experience, can stress or emotional problems cause physical symptoms? Give details.

Do you like sports?
Do you like to watch sports or play sports? :=)
What do you do in your free time?
How many hours a week does the person play online video games?
Why does he watch videos of other players?
What do gamers share online?
Elected officials

What will happen if people get
married at a later age?
What will happen if you leave your house late?
What will you do if you are hungry?
What will you do if you fail intermediate 3?
What will you do if you are elected as a mayor of Lima?
Think of one thing you used to do but you don´t do anymore
How do you greet a friend?
How do you greet someone you n´t know? Why?

What do you think the video will be about?
What do you do to stay healthy?
Using too much cell phone is not bad for your health.
Do you agree with this statement? Why yes or no?
What are some health problem
and their symptoms?
How do you feel?
Do you have a healthy lifestyle?
Why or why not?

Ming wants to join the school swim team.
Before doing that, she gets some advice from her doctor.
What advice does doctor give her? why?
Some situations where a person would need advice:
not doing well in school,
having been in a car accident,
needing to lose weight,
being concerned about a friend´s smoking,
I think you should......
Maybe you ought to......
Have you thought about.......
Why don´t you....
Perhaps you could.......
You really ought to.....
A: What´s wrong?
B: I can´t stop sneezing.
A: Oh, I´m sorry to hear that. Is it because you have a cold?
B: No.
C: Is it because you have an allergy??
B: You are close.
A: Is it because you are allergic to dust?
B: that´s right.
Acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbalism, homeopathy, etc
Have you ever experienced being a new in some place?
How did you feel?Why?
how did you cope with problems?

Imagine that you had to travel to another country alone.
Create a conversation on the phone with someone from your country. Talk about your feelings, things that are happening with you, around you. Talk about your new friends.
Partner, give some advice to make you partner feel better.

What´s the name of the syndrome?
How do people develop that syndrome?
What are some symptoms?
How heavy is typical head?
What happens when you lean your head forward?
What are some solutions?

With a partner, google for some unusual syndromes. For example:
CHINESE RESTAURANT SYNDROME: MSG reaction ------> Chest Pain, burning sensation over parts of body.

Find some solutions to these syndromes.
Share with another pair.

48,000 kilometers
Holds the Guinness World Record
14 countries

Have you ever gone on a long trip?
How long was it?
Where did you go?
If not, where would you like to go?
prepare for
head out
pay for
spend your money on
warn about
ask for
stay in
learn about
believe in
Where is the person?
What is he doing? Why?
Kahoot time
Are there any sports that you would consider dangerous?
What are those sports?
Do you think you would like to try them?

Currently, over 7 billion people live on earth, and the number is increasing.
Do you think this is a problem?
Why or why not?
average person
lack (adequate sanitation)
rural areas
urban areas

Go online and find one other problem that population growth is causing in the world.
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