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Cell Phones

Negative effects of cell phones

Michael Haig

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Cell Phones

Cell Phones Cell Phones have many negative effects,
especially among teens and older children Health Risks Lack of Attention in School Poor Grammar Kids in School are developing poor english habbits due to texting. Such as 'omg' and 'lol'.
Also laziness has a role in it as well like writing
'u' instead of you. Texting while Driving Texting while driving is one of the major
reasons for high accident reports for most
teenagers. While texting and driving, the teens
concentration on the road decreases, which in
return is bad because they could possibly swerve
into on coming traffic. Most crashes end in many horrific ways.. Students get very distracted in school. Most
school districts are figuring out ways to discipline
students for cell phone use in schools. Few schools
have implemented jamming devices that has blocked
signal for cell phones preventing the use of them
during the school day. Students are taking away their own learning time,
which prevents them from developing their education
for their own future. So in essence, students who use
cell phones during class are hurting their own future. There are numerous amounts of health risks invovled
in the use of cell phones. Some include arthritis from
texting on small key pads, eye strain, plus psychological problems due to bullying among peers. Also many businessmen who use their cell phones constantly, can develop tumors by their ears over ten years, according to research companies. Schools should enforce stricter cell phone use policies.
Parents should limit or refuse to purchase cell phones
for their children.
Students should attend seminars to gain information about
the positive and negative effects about cell phones. By Michael Haig
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