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Bugs for Food

No description

Adam Jamal

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Bugs for Food

Effects of overpopulation
By 2050 human will run out of large meats (according to livescience.com)
Overpopulation of humans
Climate change
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The Purpose
To see if humans will need to consume insects in substitution of meat
Do insects carry enough nutrition to sustain life?
Large Animals are being over eaten
At this rate, insect consumption will be next
Why bugs
Why will humans need to eat bugs?
Bugs are nutritious for the body
Bugs are good for the body and the enviornment
How and Why eat bugs?
You can customize the flavor of the bug
Eating bugs can sustain the hungry
Insects sell at a low cost (according to Wordpress.com)
Will you ever have to eat bugs for as long as you live?
Bugs for Food
If humans keep consuming large animals we will have to eat insects as a meat source
Bugs are a good source of nutrition and a cheap alternative
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