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Truman Capote's Bias with Characters

No description

Erika Vigerzi

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Truman Capote's Bias with Characters

Mr Clutter
Mrs. Clutter
Quote from
In Cold Blood
(page 18)
Truman Capote favors Nancy
Nancy Clutter
Quote from
In Cold Blood
(page 39)
Truman Capote doesn't favor Kenyon
Kenyon Clutter
Perry Smith
Truman Capote's Bias with Characters within
In Cold Blood

Erika Vigerzi
Truman Capote is bias towards his characters in his novel,
In Cold Blood.
Richard Hickock
Quote from
In Cold Blood
(page 29)
Truman Capote doesn't favor Mrs. Clutter
Portrays her as crazy
Left her family to go to Wichita

Quote from In Cold Blood (page 140)
Perry is favored by Truman Capote
Follow the directions on the engagement worksheet. Hold on to it when you're done.
Quote from
In Cold Blood
(page 6)
Truman Capote favors Mr. Clutter
"Man's-man Figure"
"Confident face", "healthy hue"
Comparing Mr. Clutter and Mrs Clutter
Comparing Kenyon and Nancy
Comparing Richard and Perry
Reflecting back to the Engagement
Mr. Clutter is favored more than Mrs. Clutter
Nancy is favored more than Kenyon
Quote from
In Cold Blood
(page 31)
Richard isn't favored by Truman Capote
Perry is favored more than Richard
On the back, answer these questions
Did this presentation change your mind about your opinion initially? Why do you think so?
The purpose of this slideshow was to show how Truman Capote favors some characters over others
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