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A Cell's Structure is a Sight to See

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jozette cortez

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of A Cell's Structure is a Sight to See

Cell Structure The Nucleus is like the Ringmaster. The Nucleus is the "control center of the cell. It is where the cell's DNA is stored. Just like the Nucleus the ringmaster is in charge of the entire circus. He is the mastermind how the circus is run. Both of their operations would not be possible without them. The Nucleus and the Ringmaster run the show, without them the whole structures of their operations would fail. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum Ribosomes Ribosomes are like the performers. Ribosomes create proteins. They are also found free floating in the cytoplasm just like the performers do their acts throughout the tent. Just like the ribosomes create proteins, the performers create amusement through their acts and talents. Golgi Appparatus Lysosomes Lysosomes are like the cleaners Lysosomes digest CHO, proteins, and lipids. It recycles and cleans the cells of it's own organic materials that can no longer carry out their function. Just like the Lysosomes, the cleaners clean and take apart props to either throw away or use again for other acts. Cell Membrane The cell membrane is exactly like a circus tent. The cell membrane maintains the shape of the cell. It also separates one cell from the next and regulates the materials into and out of the cell. This is exactly what a circus tent does for the circus. It is the structure and shape of the tent. Because it is enclosed, this one tent is one circus. The doors of the circus also control who is coming in and out of the tent. A cell is like a circus in many ways.
The structure of the tent and the machines can be compared to various organelles like the cell membrane or even mitochondria. The performers and other people can also be compared. A prime example is the ringmaster to the nucleus. He is like the leader or the brains of the operation just like the nucleus, which is the brain and control center of the cell. Just like the circus, a cells structure is not only magnificent to look at, but a demonstration of things coming together to make one working team. Vacuole A Vacuole stores food or water in the cell.
Just like a food vendor who carrys and sells food to the audience. A Vacuole is like a food vendor. Mitochondria The Mitochondria produces energy through cellular respiration. This is very much like a power generator to the circus because both supply power throughout the unit. Nucleus Cytoskeleton The Cytoskeleton supports the structure and helps move synthesized proteins. The cytoskeleton is like a circus floor because all the organelles move about it, just as the floor allows people to move about the circus.. The floor is the foundation to the structure. It is the base of the tent. The cytoskeleton is like the circus floor. The rough endoplasmic reticulum has ribosomes attached to it. it makes new proteins by inserting them into spaces that shape and modify them into functioning protein. The Rough endoplasmic reticulum is like the prop builders. Where all the carpenters make props to fit any and all of the acts. The Golgi Apparatus is like the stage hands. Both ribosomes and performers create things! Both the cell membrane and the circus tent are units of structure that control what comes in or out. The Golgi Apparatus modifys, sorts and packages the proteins that arrived from the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum. Just as the stage hands move, set up and shape the set after given the props from the Prop Builders. Both the Golgi Apparatus and the Stage Hands take what the RER or Prop Builders make and modify, set up and change them to make them fit into the cell or the circus. Both provide structure and allow either other organelles or people to move about this base. Both build things. For the RER, they create proteins, while the Prop Builders create props. Both Store food and water. Both clean and recycle things.
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