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No description

Caleb Doub

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Firearms

Firearm Terminology and Current Laws The Parts of a Firearm Terminology But a firearm cannot be operational without cartridges. But what exactly makes up a cartridge? So now you know the basic parts of a firearm. Yay More Terminology Cartridge Components Actions The action of a firearm is the mechanism in which the cartridge is loaded, fired, and ejected. Ready, Set, Action! The common actions are: Bolt The cartridge is loaded, fired, and ejected by a "bolt". It operates similarly to a door bolt by a lift, pull and push sequence. The "bullet" is the projectile that is shot from a rifle or handgun.
The "case" is the container in which all other ammunition parts are assembled.
The "powder charge" is a chemical compound which, when burned, forms gases which propel the bullet or shot through the barrel.
The "primer" is a chemical mixture which explodes when hit.
In the shotgun shell, there is a fifth part called a "wad". Wads are used to separate the powder from the shot. Firearms- The Basics By:
Caleb Doub and
Patrick Todd Lever The lever-action firearm has a large metal lever located behind the trigger. This handle usually forms the trigger guard as well. Pump The pump-action firearm is fast and smooth. It allows the shooter to re-cock the firearm without taking his or her eye off the target. The pump action also is referred to as “slide action” or “trombone action.” Break Barrel “breaks” apart on hinges and spent casings must be pulled out of the chamber by hand and be replenished by hand. Revolver Revolvers have a cylinder that rotates and is full of ammunition with each shot to line up the next round with the barrel. Semi-Automatic One bullet per one trigger pull: the recoil of the round works the action to reload with no manual input from the operator. Fully Automatic Referred to as a “Machine Gun.” Pull the trigger and hold and the action cycles AT LEAST MORE than once. No need to release and pull the trigger for multiple shots. Full auto firearms usually have a switch on the side to cycle between fully automatic or semi auto. The Barrel Rifles and pistols have different types of barrels compared to the shotgun. Rifles and pistols have a twisted pattern called "rifling." This puts a spin on the bullet to stabilize it, much like throwing a football with a nice spiral, it stabilizes its flight. Shotguns tend to have a barrel with a smooth bore, since the shot is designed to spread, it doesn't need to be stabilized "Assault Weapon" The term "assault weapon" was originally used by the Nazi military in Germany to describe a fully automatic light rifle. The current US military definition is any weapon with select fire capabilities. This term has nothing to do with appearance. Current Laws National Firearms act of 1934 Put a $200 tax on Full autos, accessories, and specific guns. A tax of $200 may not seem like a lot now, but after factoring inflation, that would be the equivalent of a $3,478.80 tax! The $200 tax is still applicable today, and you must also fill out a special form and wait for the form to be processed (~6-12 months on average). Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937 This act put a 10 percent tax on ALL ammunition and firearms. All proceeds from this tax go to the state for wildlife restoration. Other Laws In order to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer, you must pass a background check. On the spot. No exceptions. Contrary to popular belief All gun show dealers and internet sales are included in this law. So here you go Just wanted to give you some info on guns And hopefully You will be able to use it later Eng 101 Final

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Guns 25 other 1. Wallpaper Suggest. wallpapersuggest.com/view/guns__25_other_1_wallpapersuggest_com-other.html To make informed decisions Lawmakers are misinterpreting simple facts about current firearms and firearm laws. They have made claims about "gun show loopholes" and claimed that civilian weapons are "assault weapons." Gun Control "The efforts to regulate or control sales of guns." We plan to show you the facts and some basic terminology To show that these ridiculous claims are False And we hope that these facts help you make an informed stance On current gun control legislation. So, It's a heated topic in the United States. But sadly, Here we go
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