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Cambridge English

Here is the presentation of the entire project called "Friends Forever" for the Cambridge English Centenary Competition for Schools 2013

Maria Dima

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Cambridge English

Wondering how it all started ?
Our teacher's idea to enter this competition was the very first step. Letting us know about the proposed theme-which is 'friends forever' due to its suitability to our age- and expected work aroused a sense of excitement among us, so we started working enthusiastically.
Cambridge English
Centenary Competition for Schools 2013

So the work began...
After engaging to be a team and support each other constantly, we had a class discussion about what makes a friend indeed only to be confronted by some common traits we all look for in a friend.
Watching "Friends"
In order to get a feel for what means a short play describing this theme and to get inspired too, we chose to watch : Top Ten Most Important and Amusing Scenes - Friends Series. We were all watching attentively so that we could steal some secrets about the demanding work involved in such a project.
Introducing us...
We represent the grade XI B of The National College "Gheorghe Munteanu Murgoci" Braila, Romania and we are guided in this project by our English teacher, Mariana Craciun.
As our school is Centre of Cambridge Exams since 2006, we thought that this contest was highly appropriate for us.
Writing the story
Our talented classmate, Teodora Gogu, offered to help us create the initial story and after establishing the setting, the characters, the scenario, and finally, the title, we took turns, made six teams and set out to write the script.
William: Ah, that Maths teacher again! Last time he told us: ’’That’s enough homework to keep you busy, I guess.’’ And I was like: ’’That’s enough homework to keep the entire Chinese nation busy!’’
... ... ...
William: There’s nothing I can do. Nothing can change the situation. Being everything else than calm would make no difference. Look Andrew, promise me we’ll remain palls for ever. Andrew (pondering): Fine. Come give me a hug.
William: We’ll be best friends forever!
William : Well, first of all, Andrew, if you think anyone's gonna touch these papers instead of you or, even worse, they're gonna solve themselves, you're mistaken. Second, if you continue to deliver me the tasks I give you at the lowest possible level, you're obviously not going the right way. This task might have been completed 2 weeks ago, but i see that you haven't even touched it. This kind of behaviour is under no circumstances to be accepted here. Now, I apologise if this image is too pansy for you but as your future academic career lays exactly in my fist, I'd say you'd better work your ass off and do your goddamn job.
William: Would you now give me a break! Your whole life is a mistake, you haven't done anything right and you feel miserable about your job. All of these because you've always chosen the easy way. Now I give you a choice you either come with me and see what happens or you can go back to your life full of regrets.
... ... ...
Andrew: Garry texted me .. Seems that Teresa was very panicked when she got to the office and called the police… and an ambulance… and the fire department.
And...... ACTION!!
After working really hard, this is what the play turned out to be ...

Making it famous...
IT'S ON!!!
What meant "Friends Forever" to us
Reviewing it...
Friendship is something that goes beyond the limits of time and space. This seems to be the message the amateur film “Friends Forever”, a project done entirely by the XI B class from the National College “Gheorghe Munteanu Murgoci” in Brăila, Romania conveys.
It tells the story of two best friends, Andrew and William. They both go to the same school in England. Andrew is passionate about video games and wishes to become a game designer, while William keeps his dreams and emotions to himself. Everything is fine until William’s dad accepts a job offer abroad, forcing him and his family to move away. The story then cuts to ten years later, showing Andrew’s life working at a newspaper, something completely unlike his dream. After the boss of that company resigns, his seat is taken by Andrew’s old friend, William, who has changed a lot since they’ve last seen each other, giving his old pal the cold shoulder and acting harshly towards him. What triggered this change in William? The film answers just that during its very short 25 minute runtime.
The film has both drama and comedy elements which make it heartwarming and funny at times, if you can look past its amateur feel as well as its many shortcomings. The acting is rather average and stiff at times, as it has been done by people who’ve never done something of this sort before, but you can certainly see the soul everybody put into bringing their character to life. It also suffers from a few sound and camera issues, but nothing too distracting. However, the plot is rather original and interesting, as it raises a question that makes the viewer curious pretty early on, as well as showing some scenes that will only be significant later in the story. Although the script is not too well-written, as it was made by people with no past experience, it is not entirely bad, either. There are a few good ideas present that, if they were properly explored, would’ve made the experience a lot more memorable.
So, all in all, “Friends Forever” is an amateur film with potential. If the ideas presented would have been properly explored and if the plot, acting, directing and filming would have been more polished, it would have made for a great indie film.

has strengthened our friendships
has strengthened our friendships
And here is the motto that motivated us throughout this whole time :
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