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Light Rail Transit

USC Viterbi Champ's Presentation (Steven Ha,Jesus Perez,Shandela Contreras,Triana Bonilla)

Brenda Contreras

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of Light Rail Transit

Route Alignment

The Light Rail Transit will reduce congestion because people will start to notice that if they don't stop polluting the air with cars they will destroy the environment.In fact, the most pollution comes from cars in the L.A. area. For example, over 25,000,000 cars passed through the L.A. region alone last year.
Thank You!!!!
Light Rail Transit
by Jesus Perez, Steven Ha,Shandela Contreras,Triana Bonilla
The feasibility is good because the route is already existing. This route is very beneficial because we are spending little money on the light rail transit. For example, Eastern Valley Blvd is a main street, which the LRT is already passing through.
Water Quality and Resources
The impact that the transit will have on the water quality will be low because we are not affecting the water in any way that will hurt the environment in the region of El Sereno through El Monte.For example, there are no rivers next to the Main Streets in this region.
Impact on Environment
Light Rail Transit doesn't impact the environment in a bad way,but in a good way. It doesn't use diesel, which pollutes the Earth, but uses electricity from the generators that are in El Sereno.For example, the total emissions coming from cars this year is 82.8%, which means people should ride our light rail system :-).
Funds of the LRT
Our light rail transit should be built and funded because we're using green technology that means that the LRT doesn't affect the environment. To preserve it, we need to stop polluting the air with carbon-dioxide that comes from cars in the L.A. Region.For example, over 30 tons of different greenhouse gases were produced in 2012 in California.
We would like to thank everyone for the support!(Especially Dr.Bernard Harris,The Harris Foundation,USC,ExxonMobil,our parents,and, all the AWESOME staff and counselors.)
We partially used the San Bernardino Metrolink
Eastern Valley BLVD, Alhambra Ave, Rosemead BLVD, S. Ramona St, W. Mission RD
19.5 miles of railroad
35,000,000 per mile of railroad
Just kidding :-),ask as many questions as you like!
on earth.com
wikipedia.org/ Interstates of L.A.
Stations:#1 Ramona,Mission #2 Atlantic,Mission #3 E.Valley,Alhambra #4 San Bernardino,S. Fremont #5 Rosemead,San Bernardino #6 Romona,San Bernardino
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