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Timeline of the Pencil Sharpener

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Michael Bateman

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Timeline of the Pencil Sharpener

Timeline of the Pencil Sharpener
The First Mechanical Pencil Sharpener
In 1828, a Frenchman named Bernard Lassimone invented the first pencil sharpener. It didn't work well, it was very inefficient, and hardly anyone used it.
Prism Sharpener
In 1847, another Frenchman named Therry Des Estwaux came up with the Prism Sharpener. It was small, efficient, and is still used today, though not as commonly used as other types.
The First American Pencil Sharpener
In 1851, Walter K. Foster invented the first pencil sharpener to be patented in The United States. His design improved upon Des Estwaux's by twisting the pencil. However, this design was still far from the modern day pencil sharpener.
Progression Of The Pencil Sharpener Throughout The Late 19th Century
Many more designs were developed, some more successful than others, however they all had one major flaw: the methods used all resulted in broken lead.
A.B. Dick Planetary Pencil Pointer
In 1896, A.B. Dick developed the Planetary Pencil Pointer. This mechanism used a new method involving two milling disks that revolved about the mechanism, hence the name "Planetary". However, it still needed some corrections in order to become the ever so familiar sharpener that was used in classrooms in the 50's and 60's.
Crank Sharpener
In 1904, The Olcott Climax Sharpener revolutionized the industry by utilizing a cylindrical cutting head with spiral cutting edges whilst maintaining the concept of A.B. Dick's Planetary Mechanism.
The Electric Pencil Sharpener
In the 1940's, the electric pencil sharpener was developed using the same mechanism as the crank sharpener, but powered it with electricity instead of a crank.
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