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4 Systems of Higher Education

No description

samantha lopez

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of 4 Systems of Higher Education

How do i become eligible for University admissions?
Scholarship (GPA) that prepares you for college
Scholarship Continued...
4 Systems of higher education
UC Application: extracurricular information sheet
Community colleges
Admissions Requirements:

You are 18 years of age or older, with or without a high school diploma
You are a high school graduate
You have the equivalent of a high school diploma

Prepare students to transfer to four year universities.
i.e.: IGETCI Program
They offer Associates degrees and university specific transfer programs.
Technical Credential Programs: Nursing, Auto Mechanic, etc…

Eligibility vs competitiveness
Personal Achievement
University of California (UC)
Minimum 3.0 GPA
A-G Requirements
Required Exams: SAT Reasoning (*ACT) + SAT Subjects (2)
High School Diploma/GED
Personal Statement

****They accept the top 12.5% of graduating seniors in CA.

A-G Requirements
Minimum 2.0 GPA
SAT Reasoning Exam
High School Diploma
They accept the top 33% of high school graduates

California State University (CSU)

The CSU offers more than 1,800 Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in some 240 subject areas.

In addition, a variety of teaching and school service credential programs are available, with a limited number of doctoral degrees which are offered jointly with the UC System and private institutions in California.

10 Campuses:
Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego, Davis, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Riverside, Merced, *San Francisco
*UCSF is only available for Masters and Professional degrees.

Degrees: Bachelors, Masters, and Professional degrees

Set their own entrance requirements
Students who fulfill UC admissions eligibility are mostly likely eligible to apply to any private school in the US.
There are over 77 private schools and universities.
They vary in size, cost, and prestige

**They offer a variety of degrees from Bachelors to professional degrees

Private Universities
Eligibility Requirements:
A-G Subjects
CSU: 2.0 minimum
UC: 3.0 minimum
Extracurricular Activities
Minimum 3.0 GPA

GPA determined by grades earned in the “A-G” subjects taken in the last three years of high school (10th, 11th, and 12th grade) Unless otherwise noted at specific universities.

Honors (H)/Advanced Placement (AP) Courses:
Most universities assign extra points to their certified (H) and (AP) courses taken in the last three years of high school that are passed with a grade of C or better.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam: a score of 3 or higher grants credit towards subject credit, graduation credit,or college credit.

Concurrent Enrollment: enrolling in college courses while in High School, which are transferable to the University. Grades of “C” or better earned at the community college earn an extra grade point, such as H/AP courses. Course must be labeled UC/CSU approved to transfer the units!

(Preliminary Exam- Practice Version of SAT)
- Critical Reasoning
- Math
- Writing

- Reading: 40 questions
- Math: 60 questions
- English: 75 questions
- Science: 40 questions
- Writing: 1 Prompt
Average: 21, Above Average: 30+

SAT Reasoning Test
(National average scores)
- Critical Reasoning: 496+
- Math: 514+
- Writing: 488+
Average Score: 1500
Above Average: 2100
SAT Subject Tests
2 Subjects of students choice from different academic subjects
*Math I not accepted by the UC’s
* Language: must include speaking component of exam.

Weighted GPA 3.0
15 “a-g” courses completed
0-5 University approved Honors/AP/CL courses completed
3 “a-g” courses in 12th grade
Average Examination scores on SAT/ACT

Weighted GPA - 3.95 +
21+ “a-g” courses completed
6+ University approved Honors/AP/CL courses completed
5 “a-g” courses in 12th grade
Above Average Examination scores on SAT/ACT
Extracurricular Activities:
“Well rounded student”

important dates
active and successful both inside AND outside of the classroom.
Prospective college applicants are evaluated from the following categories:
Honors and Awards
Leadership and Initiative
Active, Long-Term Participation in sports, clubs, community organizations, volunteer organizations, internships, cultural organizations, and creative/artistic endeavors.
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