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Ricky Van Onselen

Olive Cotton

Ricky Van Onselen

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Ricky Van Onselen

Olive Edith Cotton Tea Cup Ballet
circa 1935
37.3 x 29.6cm image; 38.0 x 30.2cm sheet
C Type silver gelatine Photographer Vapour trail
25.4 x 21.5 cm
C Type silver gelatine Subject matter Subject matter Impacts Impacts Frame Frame The subject matter in the photograph ‘’tea cup ballet’’ is the 6 tea cups. The photographer used spotlights shining on the tea cups to create various shadows. The tea cups are dancing. The saucers form ballet dancers tutus and the shadows of the arms of the cup are arms holding the tutus. Artistic intentions The ‘’Tea Cup Ballet” it looks still and solemn. The position of the lighting creates an eerie atmosphere. I think the cups are arranged in this pattern to focus my attention on the middle row. You can see the whole cup and the whole shadow so they are more dominant. The frame I would apply for this image would be the structural frame. This is because of the way the artist (Olive cotton) has used light and the way the cups are placed so that their shadow affect the image. The lighting on the cups makes them look more interesting and focuses your gaze onto them. It also helps emphasis the way they are placed because of creating the shadows. The subject matter in the image ‘’Vapour Trail’’ is the line of clouds that are in sky. This shows the vastness and depth of the sky. The image makes me feel curious as to how the line of clouds appeared in the sky. The cloud looks ominous just hanging above the silhouettes of the trees. The Vapour trail has almost no impact on life because it will disappear and will not affect the ground life below. For the image ‘’Vapour Trail’’ I think that the structural frame is applied because of the way the image was taken. The camera is aimed up with the trail of clouds going diagonally across the picture with the light source at the bottom right of the image. My gaze focuses at the top of the image and follows the trail into the distance then you notice the trees and where the light is coming from. The light makes the trail brighter than the surroundings. Olive cotton photos are mainly about the natural world and small things. The two images show that she also took pictures that relied heavily on the lighting. The consistent thing about all Olive Cottons work is the lighting in the background. The lighting in the images is carefully positioned to emphasize the subject matter. It is also used to show the beauty in the background and subject matter. Orchestration In Light 1937
C Type silver gelatin photograph
28.1 x 35.9cm Dune 1935
C Type silver gelatin photograph
17.6 x 23.4cm http://australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/olive-cotton
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