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MY Grand conversation

No description

Perla Tapia

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of MY Grand conversation

Hello classmates and Mrs.Kim today I would like to tell you about the book
" The Fault In Our Stars" by: John Green which was the book I read for this months reading.
My favorite part of the book
My favorite part of the book was when Hazel went to Amsterdam to meet the author of " An Imperial Affliction " to know what happens next in the book,because Hazel felt for once that she felt normal and joyful to meet her favorite author.
More on the book
As you may all know there is movie on this book. This book was so popular and so many copies
were sold,so they
made a movie.
Here is the trailer and a song on the movie
In conclusion,I learned so many things from this book like to keep trying because Hazel never gave up in trying to reach her goals,even though of her cancer. I would recommend this book to anyone who never gives up like Hazel.
This book is a based on a girl named Hazel who has lung cancer.As she goes through difficult times in her life she meets a teenage boy named Gus (Agusutus) who brings a bit of normality into Hazel's life by supporting her. As it goes on they both discover that there is a bit of chemistry between them.
MY Grand conversation
More on the book pt.2
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