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Career Investigation Research Project

No description

Noah Riley

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Career Investigation Research Project

Ideas for YouTube
Ideas for Projects
Ideas for fun
Career Investigation Research Project
My career plans:
I have great editing skills. People who have seen me edit agree that I am good at editing.
Filming video and editing the film is very fun to do. I enjoy it because I am good at it and I get to work with people to create something amazing.
How I see myself twenty years from now:
I see myself working with others trying to film anything that comes to a success. I have a good
imagination for new projects, shots, ideas, etc. If you gave me something to film, I will do my
best to get the job done.
Skills to increase for preparation:
The only thing I feel I need to work on is editing. I like finding new ways to add in detail.
Exploring editing softwares would give me more experience on my career.
Five personality traits to possess in Filming and Editing:
1. Creativity- A person needs to be creative with this or else they might not have any ideas to
pursue the project.
2. Patience- Projects won’t just take a couple days. They could sometimes take months. Years
even. It all depends on the type of project you are working on.
3. Respect- You will always be working with other people for this career. You have to be open
to their ideas and respect their needs/beliefs.
4. Skill- Experience is a must to be able to produce a project with none to little flaws.

5. Willingness to learn- New editing software is being produced and you need to learn from
it/them to be able to get the best possible result of the project

One of the personality tests that my class and I took says that I work well with others and that I need personal relationships which are understanding and relatively conflict-free. Another personality test said that I very rarely feel depressed and are usually in a good frame of mind, however I experience panic, confusion, and helplessness when under pressure or stress. I agree with that, but I don’t feel a great amount of panic, confusion, and helplessness when under pressure or stress. Maybe just a little because I am not getting the help that I need.
Career Research
The job of a film and video editor is to produce films, commercials, etc. Film and video editors have duties/responsibilities such as creativity, expectations, flexibility, and experience. Working conditions are more of a nicely lit, comfortable working space with other people working together to get a project done. The entry position for a film and video editor is a trainee or apprentice type of program. Over time you will go to college (2-4 years), train, and then become a film/video editor. Opportunities are everywhere. You just have to know where to find them. Vocational schools/classes are great for preparation for this career. There is most likely going to be jobs in the future for people in this career. You could start from home and just do it with your family and friends. Being paid is the part that some people struggle with because if they start out at home, then they might not find somewhere that will give them a salary. The average salary, by the way, is about $22,400-$119,300 annually. The main advantage to this career is just to obtain knowledge about others, programs, technology, etc. Some jobs besides a film and video editor are an animator, producer/director, A/V Equipment Technician.
Top 5 Reasons I Want To Be A Film/Video Editor
1. In the future I want to be able to do stuff that involves moving around, technology, friends and a good time.
2. I have good editing skills and a creative mind. In Radio/TV we were doing a project where we put together a Saturn car commercial. Everyone took about half the class period or longer, but I took like 5-10 minutes and had better transitions than most people. When my brother and his friend were recording a skit for YouTube, they came to a stop and couldn’t think of anything to do for this one scene. I told them that they should have my brother being kidnapped and tortured.
3. This career is really fun already and I’m just a teenager in high school. I have a good feeling in this career.
4. Honestly, I don’t care about how much money I make, as long as it is enough to provide for me and a possible family in the future.
5. My brother is also pursuing this career. I would, perhaps one day, to work with him because he is a good person to work with.

Step 4
Career Planning
My goal(s) are to maintain a good grade in my classes that involve filming and video editing. I hope to also have the concentration to sit down every night, look over my work and fix the mistakes that I notice. A thing that I do for this career right now is just making videos for Radio/TV.
Samples of School Work
Right now in school I am taking a Radio/TV class where we go around the school and record stuff for the rest of the school. Next school year, I plan on taking a vocational class with my brother. It’s a film and animation class at J. Everett Light. There is not very much animation going on there. I could try animation. I am always up to new tasks!
Film and Video Editor
Freaky guy comes up and steals a mans coconuts violently.
Timothy gets rejected from college and takes it out on his stuffed rabbit, Kyle.
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