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Expository Writing

No description

Sharon Schwarz

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Expository Writing

Expository Writing
Mrs. Schwarz

Elements of an Expository Essay
Let's Brainstorm!

In other words you will EXPLAIN SOMETHING CLEARLY!
Expository Writing:
how to do something.
what something means.
your opinion/(without persuasion)

why something is the way it is.
How to do something
Compare/contrast something
What would you do in this situation and why?
What does this quote mean?
Analyze a question in depth

What was the greatest vacation you ever went on? Write an essay explaining why this vacation was your favorite.
Siesta Key, Florida 2006
Key Idea #1:
Patrick back from Iraq safely:) Will home from college.
Family bonding!
Cooked many meals together.
Talked about hopes for the future.
Key Idea # 2
Many incredible experiences!
Renting Harley Davidsons
Jet Skiing
Incredible dinner at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion
Key Idea # 3
Celebrating Dad's big promotion!
Surprise dinner announcement:)
Learning about his new job
Feeling very proud of him

Key Details:
Family bonding, incredible experiences, Dad's big promotion.
What will you EXPLAIN/PROVE?
Intro/Setting of Context
Supporting Details
Intro Requirements:
1. Setting of Context/ What is the topic?
2. ***Hook*** (if applicable)
anecdote, interesting fact, question
3. Thesis Statement
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela
Relate the quote to you!
To begin, Nelson Mandela was an incredibly courageous man, whose leadership transformed the lives of many. He helped to end apartheid and create a more equal, peaceful South Africa. His quote
teaches us that an excellent education is the most powerful tool we have in creating our own future! Through an excellent education, people can provide better lives for themselves and their families. Did you know that a college graduate will earn more than 1.3 million dollars more than a high school graduate in an average lifetime? Additionally, through education, people can follow a career path they are genuinely passionate about! As you can see, education literally has the power to alter the course of a person's entire future!
Body Paragraph Requirements
Focus on 1 Key Idea at a time
Use transitional phrases
Explain yourself clearly
Provide examples/details
Text Evidence
Body Paragraph Details
Key Idea: Learning about history helps you to
not repeat the past.

By learning about the holocaust we see the danger of a dictatorship/anti-semitic beliefs.
Now relate the quote to the world around you
Moving on, education can help us to better understand the cultural differences we may have. So many wars and genocides have occurred between societies of different races or religions. Perhaps many of these conflicts could have been peacefully dealt with if each side as educated about their differences. Instead of fighting over religous beliefs, people can educate themselves about a variety of religions. By doing this, they can simply respect another's belief system and live peacefully, rather than fighting violently against it. Again, education is the foundation that helps bridge the gap between or cultural differences.
By learning the horrors of slavery, we see the danger of racism.
By learning about human rights violations, we can help ensure that all humans are treated with basic dignities and rights.
Example Conclusion
To end, Mandela's quote helps us recognize the true power knowledge can offer. Through an excellent education, we can provide a better life for ourselves and our own families. We can understand the variety of cultures and religions throughout the world. And perhaps most importantly, we can make sure that history's darkest times are never repeated again. Mandela's quote is as meaningful today as it was a decade ago.
Siesta Key was the most memorable vacation I have ever taken because my family became very close, enjoyed several amazing experiences together, and celebrated a special event in our father's life.
Education is incredibly important. But did you ever stop and think about just how powerful it truly is? The inspiring quote, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world," by Nelson Mandela teaches us that an excellent education holds more power than the strongest of bombs, or the deadliest gun. The quote shows us that our education truly is the key to our future goals. It can also help us to understand our cultural differences, and prevent society from repeating the dark mistakes made in the past.
Lastly, by educating our society about the terrible mistakes of the past, we can prevent history from repeating itself. Most would agree that the darker parts of our world's history, like slavery, apartheid, and the holocaust should never happen again. By educating ourselves about these times, we can help ensure that we take the necessary steps to avoid them. In this way, education is more powerful than all of the weapons waged in conflicts during these horrific times.
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