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No description

Giulia Garofalo

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of TOOTHPASTE

TOOTHPASTE If you replace your tube once a month, that means that in a year you buy 12 tubes of toothpaste. Times this by 5 biliion people, and you get... About... 60 000 000 000 tubes sold each year worldwide!! Everybody uses it, everybody needs it, and EVERYBODY throws the tube away. The cost for one tube is, on average, $4.00 so ... 100 mL is the average amount of toothpaste in a single tube. There are 307, 006, 550 people in the U.S. And this is the U.S. alone 12 tubes per person ... results to 3, 684, 078, 600 tubes 3, 684, 078, 600 0.1 is 368, 407, 860 litres of toothpaste 2, 500, 000 (litres is olympic sized swimming pool) Equals to 147 olympic pools ! You can see here that this day to day product can easily make HUGE numbers. But the truth is, no one really thinks about it, because it's just ... This is 147 swimming pools ITS TOOTHPASTE (Amount made worldwide on toothpaste alone)
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