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park for all Prezi

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kevin fonseca

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of park for all Prezi

"A Park for all" by:
Lizeth Abarca
Fernanda Salazar
Kevin Fonseca
Jorge Cabezas Budget Human Associate and partners Other projects it has implemented founders and foundation Most outstanding achievements its mission its vission Founding Institution:

"Pro-Parque" Help to Carara National Park Our mission is to manage the resources needed to maintain the sustainability and the good infrastructure of national parks through support of professional groups, academics, conservationists and manager administration. Position ourselves as a responsible organization which seeks tirelessly enhance the National Parks and the conditions of park rangers and visitors.
The collaboration and the spirit of service have been the principles that encourage the organizations to achieve "a park for all”. The people that receive this benefit are the disabled people, including pregnant women and elderlies. Also, Carara receive benefits getting more visitants, it helps to perform another proyects because if the visits increase, the institution gets more money. Telenoticias, Pro-Parque, SINAC and Vandesol company were joined in campaign to create the first national park accessible for everyone.
All began with the reports of Telenoticias, the first report showed the deficiences that have the national parks in Costa Rica, 10 out of 100 people can´t access to the national parks. The campaign continued with more reports. "National Guayabo Monument Program"

"Turtle Tracker"

"Drinking water service" "Collecting satellite data applied to the Protection of the Corcovado National Park"

"Integrated Reservations System for Protected Areas" (SIREAP)

“Sign Repair and Expansion in the Chirripó National Park”
It comes from donations of different people and institutions. There are many ways to be part of those donations. Such as banks accounts and sending a text message “CARARA” to the number 7700. Also by the online PayPal platform official link: www.parqueparatodos.com.
The total of project budget is $230.000. The amount of $100.000 is needed to lets project start. Thanks to the different donations C89.600.000 has been collected. There are many people working for the project. Besides the employers of the National Park such as administrative staff and professional rangers, the volunteering staff takes part.
Pro Parques Association is in charge of training the rangers and the people that work in the project. They worry so much to try training the rangers to offer a gently, incredible experience and communication to the visitors. Therefore it involves with the constantly training of the volunteers. This project has the contribution of many companies and enterprises that make possible different objectives of the project to get done. These members are:

Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación (SINAC) – National System of Conservation Areas: it brings the paticipation of the public sector and government contribution.
Pro Parques Association: it helps in the development and training of rangers. Also helps in the improvements to the visitor experience.
Teletica: it seeks to raise awareness about a project that benefits thousands of people who now can’t.
Valdesol: They have raised and developed many projects in protected areas. With an emphasis on sustainable design, eco construction and bioclimatic architecture.
Kolbi: ICE kölbi have access to donations through mobile phone text messages to 7700 with the word Carara.
Banco de Costa Rica beneficiaries An existing trail inside the Carara National Park is scheduled to be retrofitted to become universally accessible, so that visitors with disabilities may fully enjoy it. A total of 900 meters will be improved to provide an adequate surface that can be securely and autonomously used by people with wheel chairs, walking sticks or walkers. Pervious concrete will be used for this purpose Projects it is going to implement Turtle Castration

Park Ranger Professionalization

Parks and Technology Volunteers Volunteers are needed to be part of every phase of the development of project. They receive a special training from the very beginning. They have to know that the only compensation is the experience of been part of Carara’s development. Name: Would you like to be hero? Starts volunteering!
What is it about?
To be a volunteer you only need to be agreeable to help people, places or beliefs self-dependent of the topic.
Today we are here just because we want to extend the importance to be part of projects that benefits our Costa Rican society.
As we all know, The National Paks’s have a specials performances in the development of the country. The clearest one is for making income. But, they don’t receive the enough help and there is a lot of work to do here. Recruiting campaign to obtain suscribers for volunteer work
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