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prezi project

Kalley Otremba

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Flowers

Morning Glory
Bloom in early morning
Was used in China for medicine
Represents "Love in Vain" Tulips
Bloom in Spring and come out only during the day
Originated around the Ottoman Empire
Spread to Western Europe around late 1500's
Symbol of Love
Used in medicines, food, perfumes
Bloom in late spring/early summer, and grow in a shrub
Thorns=protection Poinsettia
Christmas plant
Grows in Mexico, subtropical areas
California produces/grows most in U.S.
Around 100 different varieties Tiger Lilly
Ditch Lilly
Grown in moist soil
Used in foods
Spots are like a tiger Hibiscus
Most commonly grown in Hawaii, and Asian countries
Trumpet shaped
Fruit is on the little branch
Fruit can be eaten Flowers
By:Kalley Otremba Have you ever wondered how they get the daisies different colors? Well...... you cut the end of the stem and hold them it in water with different colored dyes and eventually the flower petals will change into that color. Flowers are grown not only for decoration but they are also part of plants that we eat all the time such as: strawberries, peas, potatoes, tomatoes Roses The End. Kalley Otremba
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