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Brain Cancer

No description

Renee Beaudoin

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer You all fine the one day, then you wake up with up with a huge head ache, vomiting, and in pain. You go to the doctor to see whats wrong. Then the doctor exams you and breaks the news to you.... you have Brain Cancer. So the question is how would you be fected if you was diagnosed with Brain Cancer? Brain Cancer is when there is a large growth in the cells in the brain Not all brain tumors can have Cancer inside of them Some brain cancer's occurs when one cell transforms from its normal charcteristics Once transformed, the cells grow and multiply in abnormal ways As all these abnormal cells grow, they become a mass or a tumor. In the United States Brian Tumors affect about 1 of every 5,000 people. The white and blue arow points to what a brain tumor looks like. Again, the white and blue arrow shows what a brian tumor looks like. The symbol for Brain Cancer is a Gold and Grey/Silver Ribon Symptons: Abnormal pulse and breathing rates can occur. Deep, dull headaches Difficulty walking and speaking Dizzyiness Eye-sight problems: seeing duouble Seizures Vomiting Risk Factors: Have long periods of radiation, or chemicals inside of you You might be cured but the tumors and cancer might come back. Treatments: Radiation therapy Chemotherapy Stem cell transplantion Yes, you would be affected, when you are diagnosed. Radiation in side your body, taking drugs to help you feel better, surgerys, your whole life would be all changed forever. It will never be the same. It's not in easy task to deal with, but with a suporting family and friends they can all help you through it. Even through the ups and the downs. " Its a long process, and very emotional; its heartbreaking to see your child going through this, but what counts is that he or she is healthy and happy."- Deanna Purdesuris
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