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Jaimee Anne T. Ubaldo

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Psychology


02.01 Studying Development
For this assessment, you are going to demonstrate your understanding of how nature and nurture impact monozygotic (identical) and dizygotic (fraternal) twins who were raised apart from each other. In the most influential study done on this debate, 56 pairs of monozygotic reared-apart twins from the United States and seven other countries participated. This is the most comprehensive study done on the influence of environmental and biological factors on human development.
In one paragraph, describe the research methods used in this study and why you believe they were chosen.
In this study, monozygotic twins were separated at a young age and were observed and given assessments to conclude how biological and environmental factors influence development. Various methods were used to ensure adequate coverage. Methods include observations, case studies, data collection, and questionnaires. Multiple methods could assure accuracy, depending on which method is used. The twins were separately observed and studied to discover patterns of thought or underlying causes of their behaviors. Then, they were given documents that contain questions to find what were their interests and thus scientists could compare them. Thereafter, all the data was collected and studied, and hence interpreted.
In one paragraph, discuss the research findings. How was the nature vs. nurture debate revealed in this study?
The research findings showed that monozygotic twins share similar behavior no matter what; the type of environment they grew up in or how they were raised doesn't completely affect their behavior. The monozygotic twins that are used in this study were separately raised and thus they had both grown up in different environments. However, findings suggested that they still had the same behaviors because of the genes they both inherited from their parents. This shocked scientists who thought environment totally affected the twins' behavior.
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