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French Revolution

Marshall - French Revolution, 7th Grade World History

Ashley Ad

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of French Revolution

Révolution Française Marshall - World History Vocabulary Aristocracy a government in which power is vested in a minority governing body or upper class Radical Individuals that wish to drastically change an existing practice, institution, or social system Pre-French Revolution Three Estates In 1770s France, society was split into three estates or groups Catholic Clergy
Less than 1% population
Own 10% of the land 2nd Estate 1st Estate Wealthy Nobles
2% of the population
Own 20% of the land 3rd Estate - Tiers État 97% of the people were peasants or workers
Have few rights, pay high taxes, and want change. Economic
Troubles While they could vote... they were always overruled. High taxes and rising costs damage the economy by the 1780s
Despite being the most industrialized in Europe, France was severely in debt
Seven Years War
American Revolution (French support)
Extravagant Spending by Louis XV

Debt DOUBLES within only a decade Louis XVI Ruled: 1774 -1792 Not popular with 3rd Estate
Proposed an Estates-General
Meeting of three estates
Constructed Palace of Versailles Today, the palace would cost anywhere from $2 billion to $300 billion! Estates-General Meeting of all estates in 1789 1 1 1 Each group received one vote What does that mean for the Third-Estate? Revolt! While the First and Second Estate wanted to conduct business as usual... the Third Estate planned their revolt! They declare themselves a National Assembly... a governing body directly for the people! Tennis Court Oath Meeting of Third Estate to establish loyalty
Draft early oath and it's signed by all 577 members Rumors spread that King Louis XVI is looking to stop the National Assembly... Time to Riot! Write a letter to King Louis XVI giving advice on how he might avoid a revolution in his country. Analyze It! Legitimacy Nationalism A government that has a majority support of its people Feeling of extreme loyalty towards one's country or nation Jumpstart Do we "rank" people or have a hierarchy in the United States? What people do we hold in high status? How can you move up or down in status in the United States today? Think About:
"Lower-Class" jobs Louis XIV Nickname "Sun King"
Ruled 1643-1715
Lived extravagantly
Ballets, military, and expanded France's borders. Louis XV Great grandson of Louis XIV
Ruled 1723-1774
Lead France through Seven Years War... and into much debt Jumpstart Draw out the Hierarchy Triangle of France in the 1770s, just prior to the Revolution. Give a sentence description of each level. Triangle Quiz Forced to do military service Could not hunt or fish on noble lands Did not have to do military service Collected tolls for travel and markets Made up 97% of population Exempt from paying taxes Lived in luxury chateaux Controlled the nation's religion Collected church donations Made up only 1% of population Too Late! Storming of Bastille - 14 July 2012 Parisians grew restless and worried that a military coup was about to erupt
Thomas Jefferson witnessed the events unfold http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/frenchrevolution.htm http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/19/walmart-guns-newtown_n_2332612.html Storming of Bastille 14 July 1789 - The Crowds Swarm Reality - the number was less than 1,000
Goal was to gain ammunition and gunpowder for the weapons the rioters had seized earlier
Bastille was a military fortress - now a prison, only housing 7 prisoners. It was guarded by a combination of retired soldiers and Swiss militia. Body Count:
98 Protesters
1 Guard Who Wins? The Third Estate! King Louis XVI backs down
... and loses his head in 1793 Revolution Reign of Terror! "It is dreadful but necessary" Sept. 1793 - July 1794
Period of mass execution and fear!
France wanted to protect itself from enemies
... enemies including? Over 16,000 executed! Louis XVI Viewed as a weak leader and people called for his removal
Taken from Versailles to Paris... then he attempts to flea He attempts to drag his own country into war... a crime he pays for with his head 1754-1793 Marie Antoinette Wife of Louis XVI - married into France's royalty simple to ally with Austria
The people of France dubbed her "Madame Deficit" - they try her for theft and treason. She takes the blame for France's woes, and like her husband, loses her head. 1755-1793 Maximilien Robespierre 1758-1794 Headed the Committee of Public Safety, a body of twelve people elected to lead France. Promised freedom, but lead the Reign of Terror
He put to death anyone who opposed his laws, beliefs, and rule As legitimacy waned, he was put on trial and ultimately... he met the guillotine. Guillotine! Invented by Doctor Joseph Ignace Guillotin Designed to be painless! First victim?
Nicolas-Jacques Pelletier What is the emotion or feeling of the painting (are the people calm)?

Do you think this painting was about a recent occurrence/event? Give a time period.

Write two sentences about one particular part of the painting that is interesting to you. Respond Jumpstart Why do people go to war?
Write three reasons people or countries may go to war with other countries or with people within their own country. Four sentences http://www.pbs.org/marieantoinette/timeline/reign.html By August 26th, 1789 - France had drafted a Declaration of the Rights of Man Jumpstart After watching the Storming of the Bastille... you're job is to now describe the scene to me.
WRITE or DRAW what you witnessed. Who won? Google Maps: France http://goo.gl/maps/8t9Zy Video Collection Jumpstart Write FOUR rules to follow when going to the library When finished, go to the board and locate your topic & last name. CCS Webpage --> Departments --> Media Services
Research Information (Bottom Right)
NCWiseOWL --> Britannica (Located on left)
Citation Maker

CCS Webpage --> Students --> Destiny Media Services
Gray's Creek --> World Book Online
Username: bruin1
Password: media Resource Information! Jumpstart Pick one word from the French Revolution vocabulary. Define it in your own words.

Draw a picture to illustrate the definition! CCS Web page - ccs.k12.nc.us
Departments Button --> Media Services
Click on Research Information (Bottom Right)
Click on NCWiseOWL
Click on Britannica (Located on left)

CCS Webpage - ccs.k12.nc.us
Students --> Destiny Media Services
Gray's Creek --> World Book Online
Username: bruin1
Password: media Resource Information! Jumpstart Napoleon Bonaparte Early Life Return then Death From Rule to Exile Born Aug. 15th, 1769 in Corsica, France
Trained in a military school at age of 10
He served as 2nd Lieutenant in 1785
Helped fight against British, then was imprisoned for a year for treason. http://goo.gl/maps/CncD4 This is a political cartoon of Napoleon Bonaparte. Describe who the cartoon features, who may have drawn it, and what it tells about Napoleon. Noted for his small statue - 5'6 at age 16 Served as Army commander in France
Fought against Austrians, English, and Indians - then worked to overthrow own government
Became Commander of Paris and continue to lead France militarily.
France continued to expand across Europe and eventually - Russia

Lost control of Paris to former monarchy... and he's exiled to the island of Elba. Returned in March 1815 to reclaim the throne - it's too late.
Battle of Waterloo
Loses to the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard von Bluched

Exiled once again... to St. Helena where he dies in 1821. The Rise of Napoleon
Read through the sources and complete tasks 1 - 5 + BONUS

When finished, flip over and work on the timeline for the Rise of Napoleon.

Complete in your notebook.
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