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Implications of Threats

Understanding why use communication, real-time information, commerce & government online services.

KnowItAll Ninja

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Implications of Threats

Implication of Threats
A computer program that is designed to harm or gain unauthorised access to a computer system.
Examples include:
Accidental Damage
Someone who gains unauthorised access to a computer system.
Usually to steal, modify or delete data.
Can be performed through brute force or more technical means.
Through human error we can lose data and damage IT systems. For example:
Dropping devices
Spilling liquids on devices.
Misplacing devices.
Accidentally deleting/overwriting files.
This is a major reason why businesses backup data.
Emails sent purporting to be a reputable company but really sent by malicious user.
User clicks on link in email and fills in form that appears to be on the businesses website.
Personal data is then sent to malicious user to misuse.
Corrupt or delete data which could cost an organisation huge sums of money.
Individuals may lose photos with emotional value.
Could also gather information from user for bank/identity fraud.
Accessing financial information in order to steal money from individuals or businesses.
Causes harm to organisations reputation and confidential data could be used to blackmail.
Individual data could be used for identity fraud.
Used to gain access to information to steal money from individuals or organisations.
Individuals can also be affected by identity fraud.
Can be used to gain information to help hack an organisation.
Individuals and businesses lose important data.
Costs a lot of money to recover. E.g. important lost records, specialist data recovery.
Damaged hardware will need to be replaced.
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