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Post-Modernism in Inception

No description

Devin Ducharme

on 14 May 2016

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Transcript of Post-Modernism in Inception

Dom originally planted an idea in his wife's head to test out the idea of inception. It back fired and she was convinced that reality was a dream. To escape the "dream", she killed herself.

It's ironic that Dom wants to plant an idea in somebody's head to get his children back, eventhough this is how he lost them in the first place.
The extractors stealing secrets from deep within a persons subconscious can be considered criminal acts. Not only is it technically illegal but it is also very immoral. Entering and observing a person's personal thoughts without any possible protection is wrong.
No Absolute Truth
Everybody has the ability to change the way the dream plays out. No matter who's dream the extractors are in they can manipulate and change the dream. They rely on their own opinions rather than rational logic.

Example: Dom dreams of his kids while carrying out heist. He wants to see his kids so badly and instead of focusing on the job he loses focus. His loss of focus causes the dreams to become unstable.
Since the majority of the movie takes place in a dream there is never any truth to what is going on. Facts in the dreams cannot be considered true. The dreams are based on factual memories but can change in a moments notice.
Hyper Reality
Hyper Reality is the inability of our conscious to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality (dream).

Dom and the other extractors use personal objects to determine if they are still in a dream or not. None of them have the ability to know if they are back in the real world without their special piece.
Self Conceptualization
Dom, the main character has the ability to enter peoples dreams and steal secrets of theirs.

He lost everything as a result of what he does .
The 2010 film Inception, written by Christopher Nolan can be viewed as a postmodern film because of the elements and ideas it produces/follows:
Hyper Reality
No Absolute Truth
Self Conceptualization
Post-Modernism in Inception
What is Post Modernism?
Postmodernism is a concept and criticism that spawns from another idea, modernism.

Movement to move away from traditional beliefs and ideologies. Questions the modernism movement.

Controversial idea for much of the 20th century.
Postmodernism Broken Down
Three main ideas:
Every indivdual has their own idea of reality
There is no absolute truth because it's always changing
It questions the use of knowledge and rationality
The Movie
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