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McDuff's Network Design Proposal - Part A

No description

Jamal Edey

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of McDuff's Network Design Proposal - Part A

Technical Goals
A secure firewall and DMZ at Headquarters
Network-attached storage (NAS) clusters
Database facilities at each orchard that currently does not support them
Integrate the shacks and cold storage/freezer facilities into the network
Existing Network Infrastructure
Worldwide supplier of fruits and chocolate
Established in southern Ontario in 1930
Business Goals
Immediately report when fruit is starting to ripen
Employee access to inventory data of the fruit in the orchards
Web orders display product availability and help online sales
Current Structure
Headquarters, including Research and Development, Manufacturing in Brampton, Ontario
Orchards are spread across many countries
Some orchards have no network infrastructure
Network Design Proposal
Business Constraints
Politics and Policies
Policies that must be abided by
Technologies that should be avoided
Budget and Staff
Amount of staff and finance available
Start, end, milestones, time management
McDuff’s Fruit and Confectionary Company
Part A
Some remote locations are limited to analog telephone lines
Have inadequate or inconsistent supply of power
Improve the existing and implement new network infrastructure
Timely data availability and increase efficiency and sales
Technical Tradeoffs
Consider business constraints
Consider business goals
Consider technical goals
Prioritizing business goals
North American Orchards
All other Orchards (excluding *)
Existing Network Traffic
Identify major traffic sources and classify them
Identify major applications
Calculate the theoretical load of the network
Monitor the network
Estimate the average network load
Monitor broadcast and multicast behaviour
Jamal Edey (300610712)
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