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Sharing practice: Mahara ePortfolios

No description

Lucia Morales

on 20 March 2016

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Transcript of Sharing practice: Mahara ePortfolios

Sharing practice: Mahara ePortfolios
Analysing the versatility of ePortfolios
by Dr Lucia Morales

Lessons Learnt I
Key points to be considered today
1. Rationale for using ePortfolios
2. Why Mahara?
3. Lessons learnt from using ePortfolios
4. Level of technical support needed to support students
5. Non-technical support to help students learning process
6. Examples of students' work - feedback?
7. Any areas of concern?
Why ePortfolios?
- I needed a tool to keep a record of students' work and progress over the semester/year of study
- Personalised tool
- Easy to use
- Experience with the artifact
- Individual vs Group Work
- Versatility for assessment

Sample of Students ePortfolios
Student 1:

Student 2:

Student 3:

Student 4:

Student 5:
Self-regulated Learning Cycle
Reasons for Using ePortfolios
Need for a Learning Cycle!
Lessons Learnt II
Improving the Learning Cycle
Level of Technical & Non-Technical Support
Personal learning and teaching experience

Value of developing my own ePortfolio?

Group work issues

The value of critical thinking

Self-Assessments and Regulated Learning

Challenges associated to Financial Economics
Reasons for using ePortfolios
Responsible Feedback and ePorfolios
What were students’ perceptions of their ePortfolio experience?
Student one:
“I am a big fan of the ePortfolio and I know that this view is shared by many of my fellow students. When you have completed an ePortfolio page and can look back on what you have done and what you have achieved in a semester it gives you a satisfaction that you cannot get from looking at a USB key full of files”
Student two:
“I think that the ePortfolio platform is a great way for you to showcase your work to potential employers and I also plan to keep it in mind to ensure that I can quickly review all the work I have done for econometrics should I ever be in a position where I need it in the future, say for an interview or promotion. Rather than scrolling through files and old projects I can simply log into my ePortfolio and have all my work at my disposal”
Student three:
“The ePortfolio is a resource that, once developed, can be looked back upon at any future date. It essentially acts as a refresher of what topics were covered and what assessments I and the groups I was involved in produced during semester 1 (i.e., International Capital Markets) and semester 2 (i.e., Econometrics 2). This could be a valuable resource to have available when preparing for certain future work-related events (i.e., job interviews, presentations, meetings, etc.).”
Student four:
“The ePortfolio can also act as an information brochure to prospective students looking to enrol in the MSc Finance course. For example, I have a friend from my previous undergraduate course who was inquiring about doing this course next year. He wanted to know how difficult the course was overall, and what kind of topics were covered in the different modules. Probably the best way for me to answer his questions is to show him this resource; it gives accurate descriptions of all the different topics and continuous assessments covered in the module throughout the year. So the ePortfolio is potentially very beneficial both to myself and to my friend”
Student five:
“I found the ePortfolio a pleasant break from the usual work”
Student six:
“Last semester I really disliked the ePortfolio as free time was at a premium for us in the class (due to the busy schedule of semester 1) and I did not see the logic of having to devote so much time to developing the e-Portfolio, as I did not really recognise its overall purpose. However this semester my perceptions towards the ePortfolio have completely changed. I now recognise that such a tool is helpful to us.”
Critical Thinking
Regulated Learning
LifeLong Learners
Responsible Learning


1. Additional tool to support learning
2. Need to be properly integrated in the classroom
3. Difficulty to recognise the value of ePortfolios
4. Time Commitment - Educators + Students
5. Help to encourage Self-regulated learning
6. Offers a myriad of opportunities to learn and progress
7. Break the monotony of traditional learning
8. Encourages Responsible Learning
9. Help on students assessment
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