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The Google car

No description

Laurent Vanosmael

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of The Google car

Technical point of view How can a driverless car be reliable? Economically It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when". Downside A lot of companies will have to reconvert themselves (Insurance, car-specialized lawyer,...)
Governments will lose billions dollars of fines
Mechanics will lose customers
The car will be more expensive than a Ferrari Upside Driverless car The project : Self-driving car Aims Studies have shown that U.S. cars are used only 3% of the time Improve the concept of shared cars Most car accidents are caused by human error Reduce number of car related accidents The Google car will optimize traffic. Even if it doesn't match these numbers at launching time, traffic shall gradually improve. Robot Vehicle Respects road signalization Intelligent driving However, Not entirely independant of human co-pilot Current progress Jobs creation
Less road maintenance
Less traffic jam Socially speaking If the Google car becomes a reality it may cause radical changes in our lifestyle. Imply Car-sharing will increase Consequently Users (and specially american users) will have to trust a robot driver Google has to convince that using a driverless car is not a lost of freedom
We have to reconsider how we see car With such car everyone have to respect the law How will Google profit? Product & sell cars worldwide Or better convince car-industry to buy their software and make driverlesscar Life and money : what is going to change? Legalisation Those cars have already driven about 350,000 km across the U.S. in various situations. Google possesses around 10 cars equipped with the driverless technology. Driverless cars will change the rules of the road Legalizing them might stir up trouble. Is a robot driving even legal? What should we expect? The Google car will allow disabled persons to gain independance. Google plans on launching the driverless car on the market in 2018.
However, the research car costs about 300,000$ for now. That price might lower with time, but we cannot be sure. Introduction The world as the car
sees it Technical drawing of the car LIDAR system Need for other systems -Radars that check the dead angle -Data processing GPS and lateral movement detector Four other radars Video camera Processing data Algorithms possibly used Edge algorithm 3D mapping Other intelligent algorithms -Pattern recognition -Particle filtering -Decision algorithms -Same as a radar, but with lasers -64 lasers -Can see up to 30° below the horizontal → dead angle -Accurate to 2 cm within a 50 to 120m range -5 ns pulse -Near infrared light (950 nm wavelength) -Necessary to choose route -GPS not sufficient on its own. -Positioning of remote objects -Used to maintain distances, or in traffic jams -Required for parking -Exist on many cars -Mostly used to record and analyze data -Helps in the recognition of surrounding objects
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