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How to Write an Expository Essay

No description

Divine Suarez

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of How to Write an Expository Essay

Let's move on to the
INTRODUCTION should contain a thesis statement.
3 or more paragraphs that elaborate the main ideas in the introduction.
it can contain:
each paragraph contains a
topic sentence
usually no more than 1 paragraph
refer to the thesis statement

it should leave the readers satisfied
How to Write an Expository Essay
Report by Divine Suarez
(Eng 10 AC3)

First of all...
What is an
expository essay?
It is an essay that explains something with FACTS.
including your opinion is a no-no!
an essay about how to
write an expository essay
an essay that describes the state of the Philippines during the World War 2
an essay that explains the
purpose of a guidance counselor
in a school
Before writing, of course, you have to have an interesting topic first. It could be:
a current issue
a worldwide problem
or just anything under the sun
Moving on...
How do you actually start writing one?
It starts with the
Both should be...
easy to understand
able to
the reader's
The TITLE should give a preview of the essay
How laughter therapy can benefit your health
A Free Medicine For You
Starting sentences of the INTRODUCTION should draw the reader in.
start with a quote
ask a question
quote from a song/poem
use figures of speech
compare/contrast two ideas
"Would you believe that there is a free medicine that could also give the same effects as the costly supplements/vitamins that we buy in drugstores?"
INTRODUCTION should have 3 or more main ideas that will be elaborated in the body.
Laughter therapy is as easy as one, two, three.
In addition, it can help us keep our body well-maintained.
It also improves our mental and emotional health..
main point of the essay
It gives a lot of benefits to our mental and physical health but is totally free at the same time--- LAUGHTER THERAPY.
1 paragraph/ main idea.
should be based on facts
information from written publications
main idea
it can :
summarize the whole essay
start a new topic
As the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”, goes, what better way can help you have a hale and hearty body, without paying wads of money, than laughter therapy could?
start with a quote
ask a question
quote from a song/poem
use figures of speech
compare/contrast two ideas
you can:
that the topic have been fully explained.
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