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CUTCO, The Worlds Finest Cutlery! (Original Copy)

No description

Cutco Cutlery

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of CUTCO, The Worlds Finest Cutlery! (Original Copy)

Edited by Patrick Masters
- NFL IT Tech
- cutco.vector.masters@gmail.com

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Disadvantages of Common Knives
Cutting Boards
Paring Knife
Kitchen Tools
Storage Options
Spatula Spreader
Petite Chef
Heavy Duty
Turning Fork
Petite Carver
Carving Fork
Table Knife
Entertainer Pack
Full Tang
High-carbon steel
Polypropylene handles
Made in Solingen, Germany
Warranty on defects only

Photographs and Prices from
Complete Set
Signature Set
Homemaker +8 Set
Basic Homemaker Set
I spent too much money trying so many other brands that would fall apart or wouldn't cut after a year of use, I have had my CUTCO knives for about 4 years now and they are perfect! Love them!!!
-Mindy, Punta Gorda, FL
Totally worth it!!
I love these knives. Having been a CUTCO fan for
40 years, I can attest to the quality of these
knives, the woodblock & CUTCO's customer service.
-Maxie, South Beach, OR
4 extra Signature Pieces
(Cheese Knife, Hardy Slicer, Petite Santoku, Shears)
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Go fullscreen, simply press spacebar to advance w/ rep

Starter Sets
Galley Sets
Space Saver
All Knife Set
Thank you so much for your time!
You may also check out CUTCO on
Modern Marvels
Made in America
For more options and gift sets visit
Ice Cream Scoop
Cheese Knife
Vegetable Peeler
Pizza Cutter
Garlic Press
Cutlery Care
Bake N' Serve
Barbecue Set
5 pc. Flatware
3-Pc. Traditional Sets
Golf Mate
Pocket Knife
Lockback Knife
Clip/Drop Point
Hunting Knives
Hunting Knife
Fisherman's Solution
Gardening Tools
Bypass Pruners
Cutco Cookware
4-Pc. Table Knife Set (red)
Ka-Bar Explorer
Traditional Cheese Knife
Santoku Cheese Knife
Trimmer & Santoku Trimmer
Spatula Spreader
Butcher Knife
French & Petite Chef Knife
Petite, Standard, & Santoku Slicer
Boning Knife
Vegetable Knife
Hardy Slicer
Petite, 9", & Santoku Carver
7" & Petite Santoku
Santoku Paring
Bird's Beak Paring
2-3/4" Paring Knife
4" Paring Knife
Gourmet Set
New Gut Hook
New Steak Knife
Super Shears (red)
New Can Opener
How's YOUR Cookware?
(click below)
ZK Ka-Bar
Specialty Knives
Edited by Patrick Masters
- NFL IT Tech
- cutco.vector.masters@gmail.com

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We ordered [our CUTCO] on 12/31/83 It was THE BEST INVESTMENT EVER !!! My husband LOVES to carve the meat now !! These knives cut like BUTTER !! It's expensive but a very well made and very useful set !! I hope to pass these on someday !! I LOVE THE STEAK KNIVES TOO !! A VERY VERY HANDY SET !!! Our salesperson was very knowledgeable of the product which helped ALOT !!!
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