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Medaille Enactus

No description

Andrew Bobeck

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of Medaille Enactus

Medaille Enactus
Making a Difference One Step at a Time


We invited Buffalo's entrepreneural community to campus. Allowing the audience to foster a business atmostphere in which they can better understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

Empowered the the audience to gain guidance from local Buffalo entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to empower the students of Medaille College to gain valuable experience by interacting with their peers, faculty members and business leaders. We are also determined to improve the everyday lives of people in our society.
Buffalo Demographics
Population 259, 384
White: 50.4%
Black or African Americans: 38.6%
Hispanic or Latino: 10.5%
High School graduate or higher, percent of persons age 25+: 81.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher, percent of persons age 25+: 23.4%
Households: 112,144
Median household income: $30,502

The event has given me new information that will help me progress in the world of business.
I would recommend this event to prospective entrepreneurs who are looking to find success in their future careers.
Crusades for Christ

To be a beacon of hope for trouble individuals by providing a service experience as a pathway to exploring talents and passions. To restore donated vehicles and supply them to individuals or organizations that would benefit from the availability of an automobile.

Financials: Caravan Crusade for Christ

Participants are able to gain a sense of pride and a "job well done"
We will measure this criteria by a survey at the beginning and end of the program


Recycling vehicles


A member of the community will be able to transport themselves to a job to support their family
Gain valuable technical experience from automotive professionals

Goals for Next Year
Program Restructuring
BAB outreach
Increase activity amongst members
We will utilize the resources of Medaille College to connect our entrepreneurial ideas to our community. We will focus on improving our writing and speaking skills in order to further develop our career skills. Finally, we will make an active effort to collaborate with local organizations and companies in order to build sustainable programs and future relationships.
First hand experience with companies.
Provide facility tours
One-on-one with business executives
On-line information & collaboration
Seminars and lectures
Did you find the speakers to be knowledgeable in the field of business and entrepreneurship?

Rocco Termini
, President, Signature Development
Joseph Wolfson
, President and Chief Executive Officer, HealthTransaction Network
Drew Cerza
, Founder, National Buffalo Wing Festival
Sundra Ryce
, President, SLR Contracting & Service Company
Aaron Bartley
, Executive Director/Co-Founder PUSH Buffalo

Guest Speakers
Crusades Purpose

Purpose of Program
To help our participants to acquire jobs
Gain a sense of pride by assisting their community
Restore and redistribute the donated vehicles
Crusades Criteria
Mission Statement
Enactus Budget (SGA)
Symposium Attendance
: Reaching out to the Buffalo Entrepreneural community to further their skills
: Buffalo needs small businesses to stay economically stable.
#SBS sponsored by Amex

It's important to capitalize on supporting our small businesses!
Erin Rollins
Patrick Brown
Project Manager: Ryan Butcher
Medaille Enactus
Taking Steps Forward
The Anatomy of the Entrepreneurial Imagination

Crusades for Christ
Project Manager: Patrick Brown
How did you hear about this event?
Greg Gaulin of
Gaulins of Williamsville(Auto Shop)

Target Market
4,000 prison parolees living in Western New York
Greg Gaulin has first hand access to individuals in need

The Organization:
Board of Directors
Greg Gaulin
Representatives from Medaille Enactus
Related Service Providers
Directors of charitable organizations

Student ran organization that connects local businesses.
Discovering necessary business skills.
Provide diverse experiences
Integrate required skills in to classrooms.
Enactus Criteria
Project Manager: Erin Rollins
Enactus Criteria
Company Membership, based on number of employees.

personal connections between school, students and businesses. Developing business social skills for future employment
Making the connection
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