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Mythology in Modern Culture

This is a Prezi with a few examples of mythology in modern culture. Who knew?

Casey Roche

on 26 January 2012

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Transcript of Mythology in Modern Culture

Mythology in Modern Culture Casey Roche, Abby Schwan, and Sara Major Example One: Nike About the Myth: Nike was the Greek winged goddess of victory. She could run and fly
at high speeds. About the Company: Nike is a major sports company, and major in shoes. Since Nike could
run at high speeds, the name suggests that buying these shoes and supplies
will make you a better athlete. Example Two: Tennessee Titans About the Myth: The titans were the original gods (pre-Olympians).
Eventually the Olympians (Zeus in particular) overthrew them
and gained control. The titans are still the original sons and daughters of the Earth goddess, Gaia. About the Team: The Tennessee Titans are a major NFL football team that plays in the NFL for Tennessee. They call themselves the "Titans" because it provokes an image of strength and power. Example Three: Venus Razors About the Myth: Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty and love,
the equivalent of Aphrodite in Greek mythology. About the Company: This company, with Jennifer Lopez as their spokesperson, majors
in selling shaving accessories. Their motto is "unleash the goddess in
you" because Venus was a Roman goddess. Example Four: Odyssey Travel About the Myth The Odyssey was a 10 year sea trip taken by Odysseus, who was a
Trojan War hero. About the Company Odyssey Travel is a very popular company
that advises people on where and how to
travel. Example Five: Atlas About the Myth: Was ordered to support the world on his shoulders for his crimes. About the Object: Now there are books of maps, or just maps, called atlases. These are
still used for projects and navigation, but have been largely
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