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Matthew Daniello & Quintin Hoggard

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lib hist

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Matthew Daniello & Quintin Hoggard

Quintin Hoggard & Matthew Daniello
Our Presentation is To Honor The Medal Of Honor Recipient Ruben Rivers.
Staff Sargent Ruben Rivers was one of only 7 african-americans to receive the Medal of Honor. He also was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.
He Was part of the 761st black tank battalion nicknamed the Black Panthers that served during the second world war.
When Courageously driving towards combat Rivers tank hit a landmine disabling his tank and leaving him with a severe shrapnel wound to the leg. Although his wound would soon become fatal Rivers disobeyed his captains order and took control of another tank. Rivers exemplified patriotism.
Rivers tank battalion came under heavy fire by the germans. The tanks were ordered to retreat but Rivers had located the germans anti-tank unit. He began to fire upon it, when many german tanks focused their fire at his tank His tank exploded killing him. In the time he served, he showed great honor and citizenship.
Military Service
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