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Exit Interview

No description

lya prez

on 16 April 2018

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Transcript of Exit Interview



french p.s.a
The importance of clean
quality of water = quality of life
Question: An average American uses 446 liters of water per day. How many liters of water does an average American use for a week, a month and an year? Show your work.
Our works of Art
by: ahalya
by: mahian
Music Intelligence
Negatively impacts the country's economy and reputation

By: Ahalya, Mahian, Mohmmed, shakir and hamza.q
BY: hamza.q
why am i lucky to be canadian?
by: hamza.q

The reasons that why I am lucky to be Canadian is beauty of the country, health care, food, seasons/weather, multicultural society, and the Canadian passport. That is the things that make me and the other Canadians feel lucky.
The beauty of the country Canada is one of the beautiful countries. It has cities and country sides and big towers. One of this is the CN tower and the natural beauty is Niagara Falls.
Canada’s health care is one of the best health care system in the world it has free checkup for homeless people or poor people and there is private clinics and public clinics.
The food in Canada it is wonderful they have Canadian bacon, and Mable syrup. The restaurants in Canada is Tim Horton’s, Applebee’s there is more restaurants in Canada that give nice food. People all over the world come to Canada just to taste Tim Horton’s.
Seasons in Canada there are winter, spring, summer, fall or autumn. The temperature in Canada is so beautiful in the winter is cold but is not that cold it goes up to (- 45.0 °C). Spring is one Canada’s most favourite season in the year is spring the flowers open again after a long time the green comes back it gets hotter. Summer is a wonderful season water slides are open again everyone is happy no school, amusement parks, vacations, camps for children. Fall or autumn is when winter is coming back the trees are not green anymore everyone is getting ready for winter it is getting colder.
Multicultural society in Canada there is Indians, Spanish, French, Chinese, Philippines, and others. Canada is a multicultural country a lot came like as immigrations minister of interior Clifford Sifton made posters to call people from Europe to come to Canada and give them free land that is why Canada is a multicultural country.
The Canadian passport has a lot of benefits like having the right to vote, the right to live outside of Canada, to get a federal government job, and the right to pass the Canadian passport to your child.
Those things and more make me and other Canadians to feel lucky to live in Canada and it makes a lot of people want to and move to Canada or visit our country.

Why am I lucky to be Canadian?
By: mohmmed
by: mohmmed
what did i learn about the challenges or conflicts that are present in the world?
by: Mahian
How has what I learned taught me to empathize this other people?
Throughout the grade 8 year, I’ve learned about a variety of things that has taught me to empathize with other people. In our busy lives, we often forget how fortunate we really are, compared to the millions out there struggling to survive every day. Although there are many different areas that taught me to put myself in other people’s shoes, I’m going to talk about one that made me realized how grateful I should be. That is the water crisis. It’s very unfortunate that many people around the world are having to choose between certain death without drinking water or possible chance of death from a water- related disease. In my life, I have never encountered a situation like so. There was always fresh drinking water sitting in the kitchen. Whenever I was thirsty I would just have to pour me a glass. However for millions of people it’s not that easy. If they were thirsty, they can’t just go to a kitchen to fetch a glass of clean drinking water. They have none. They would have to walk under the scorching sun for at least 2 hours to get to a source of water that has been sitting out in the open. Who knows what’s in that water? But they have no other choice. Although it may seem unreal to us, it’s their everyday life. What really upsets me is that children no older than six 6 go through this every day. Time spent on collecting water, should be spent on going to school and learning new skills so they can support their family in the future. If we donate our time and money to help those in need, we can put an end to this tragic crisis and bring hope and a brighter future for families. “We rise by lifting others”
agenda for today
Should access to clean water be a human right?
Math ~ Info graph
Problem solving
French P.S.A
Works of Art
Music Intelligence
Individual pieces
Yes, access to clean water should be a human right!
How has what I learned taught me to empathize with other people?
by: Shakir

Hi my name is Mohmmed. I am lucky to be Canadian because we get anything we want without hard work. For example we get running water which can be hot or cold depending on what we want. While people in third world countries struggle to get a glass of water. We take advantage of the water we get and we are never grateful for what we have. I'm also lucky to be canadian because we a luxurious house to live in which has heating, ac, electricity and a place to work learn sleep and eat. Many people in third world countries don't get basic needs like shelter food etc. They don't get education like we do. Even if they do get education it is very little and won't help a lot. Here in Canada most kids like me disrespect and hate school. They wish for holidays and vacation so they can miss school. If we gave people from from a developing country a chance to study like us they would never miss a day of school and get A's in every subject. They would do this because they want to learn and they want to get educated so that they can help their country. Also they never experienced school like we do because in school everything is handed to us but in other counties they struggle to obtain a small piece of knowledge like the alphabet. They even walk for hours just to get to a place where there is no proper roofs no proper utensils etc. just to learn and struggle for their future. This is why I a very lucky to live is Canada, a country with everything.

Lacking access to clean water affects both education and jobs just as much it affects health
443 million school days are lost each year due water related diseases
The brain needs about 6 glasses/day to function properly without this amount children cannot understand what they're being taught at school
Workers who lack access to clean water are often not productive or are forced to stay home due a water borne disease
Clean water water is the key to stopping poverty
How many liters does the average American use for 1 week?
1 day = 446L
1 week = ?
1 week = 446 x 7
1 week = 3,122L

How many liters does an Average American use for month?
1 day = 446L
1 month = ?
1 month = 446 x 30
1 month = 13,380L
How much water does the average American use for an year?
1 month = 13,380L
1 year = ?
1 year = 13,380 x 12
1 year = 160,560L
by: shakir
our goal...
to demonstrate what we've
learned throughout
the grade 8 year
75% of the human body is made up of water.
Over the great days of Grade 8, I have learnt a great deal about the different challenges present in the world. There are many challenges and conflicts present in the world, whether it’s a developed country or a developing country. Some of the major factors that are effecting these conflicts are: Increasing population, increased competition in different areas of society and blatant demand for resources. War is a big dilemma as well. But one of the biggest issues that everyone is getting aware of now a days is “access to clean drinking water”. Some people in developed countries don’t have access to clean drinking water but, in the developing countries almost no one has access to clean drinking. Why are the third world people suffering more than the first world people? Why do they have to go through so many challenges?
There are multiple answers for that like people in the third world have neither good education nor jobs, rendering their income so low that they can’t afford to buy many things that are considered requisite in developed countries. They don’t have a stable government and therefore, their country is not as well-managed as it should be. It doesn’t has good hospitals that is effecting people’s health. This also results in an endless battle for resources, shattering societies.

What I learned taught me to empathize with others because other people around the world do not have access to clean water. If we do something we can make a change to those third world countries. We are so lazy that we can’t even get off the couch to go fill up a glass of water. But in third world countries they have to walk 2-4 Km just to get water. I realized that I am fortunate enough to have a tap and clean water at my house. I learned that instead of wasting water on thing that are not needed we can give that water to countries that don’t have clean water and don’t have access to it. I am fortunate enough to go to school in third world countries children 6 years and older don’t have access to clean water, cannot study and have to stay home because they can’t focus and they catch diseases because they drink un sanitized and die or catch diseases. We can end this water crisis if we all work together
Carries nutrients and hormones to the body
regulates body temperature
cushions our joints
allows body cells to grow, reproduce and stay alive
helps deliver oxygen all over the body
converts food to components needed for survival etc.
How much water does our body need?

It needs around 3 liters of water of water daily.
lack of water effects your brain!
effects of dehydration
Sites used for researching:
Water related diseases and contaminates in public water systems

Updated June 17, 2003

Nearly half of Cambodians lack access to clean water
Updated march 21 2013

11 facts about pollution

Diseases and Contamination in Public

Water Systemshttp://www.wateraid.org/
Solutions water, hygiene and water sanitation
Updated May 28 2014

the crisis, Updated April 7 2014

Water stats

Water facts

Free drinking water


Water usage

What if you go without water

What if you stop drinking water

the global water crisis how much water do we really use everyday
Posted June 6 2012

References and Resources
1 day = 50l
1 month = 30 days
1 month = 50 x 30
1 month = 1,500l
1 month = 1,500l
1 year = 12 months
1 year = 1,500 x 12
1 year = 18,000L
Average American uses 160,560L yearly
A person only needs 18,000L yearly
160,560 - 18,000
= 142,560L
96% of the population is
satisfied with their water

6.3 million out of 14.9 million Cambodians are unable to access clean drinking water
Since water affects health, education and jobs...
Literacy rates drop down
GDP and Per Capita income lowers
infant mortality rates rise higher
Life expectancy lowers
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