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Public Health Assets in a Faith-Public Health Partnership

Institute for Faith and Public Health Leadership

Jennifer Hebert-Beirne

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Public Health Assets in a Faith-Public Health Partnership

Public Health Assets in a
Public Health-Faith Partnership

Public Health History & Origins
Public Health: Applied Science and
Action Research

Our Opportunities
Build a shared language
Improve to Training of PH Practitioner- Scholars
Focus on Faith Communities
Teach about Decolonizing and Power/Privilege
Strategy to Drive Change
Beyond the Rhetoric of "Community"
Meaningful Multidisciplinary Partners
True Community-Academic Collaboration
New measures/ new lens
Advanced Mixed Methods
Origins of Public Health
Roots in social justice, social transformation
Embedded largely in government activities
Partners with clinical medicine
A Social Science
Relationship to other Social Sciences
Public Health = ACTION
What is Public Health?
Fragmented “system”
Multiple players
Multidisciplinary players
Expanding as “health” becomes more broadly defined
ACTION: “collective” effort to identify and take action and address (Turnock, 2001)…composite efforts of people committed to these ends
Scientific Approach
Rigorous Research Tools
Lens is Community/Population
Concern is Social Factors/Social Interaction
Kinds of Data
Death data – Mortality
Life expectancy
Infant mortality
Disease-related mortality
Birth data – Maternal and Child Health Data
Lowbirth weight
Age of mother
Prenatal care receipt
Disease data – Morbidity
Diagnosis/Patient Visit
Health Behavior Data (Self Report)
Quality of Life/Perceptions
Institute of Medicine 2001
“Individuals and families are embedded within social,
political, and economic
systems that shape behaviors
and constrain access to resources necessary to maintain health…

Greater emphasis is needed on public health
interventions that involve communities, with the goal of
collectively identifying resources, needs and
Describing Disease States and Social Conditions: Quantitative
Relationship between variables/concepts
Nature of Relationship
Healthy People 1979 Risk Factor Epi
Understand Social Phenomenon: Qualitative and Mixed Methods
Focus groups
Ethnographic assessment
Participant observation
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Photovoice, photo elicitation, photo documentary
Attention to Community
As part of ecological perspective
Attention to social determinants of
Social institutions
Social relationships
Sustainable Community Change:
Social Justice & Health Equity

New Measures New Partners Needed
Health Disparities lens to Health Equity Lens
Root causes
Social determinants of health
Asset identification/ capacity building
Understanding Social Factors
Effects of
Social Constructs
Social Capital
Cultural Health Capital
Prepared for Partnership
Prepared to inform and learn
from others
Science-based, theory informed
Action oriented
Adaptable Tools/Approaches
Engaged field teaching for higher ed
Process evaluation collaboration itself is intervention
CBPR principles
Public Health Toolbox: Methods
& Measures

Public Health Models & Health Equity

Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.’
-- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in a speech to the Medical Committee for Human Rights, 1966
Public Health Activists
Jane Adams Hull House
John Snow
Wade Hampton Frost
Frost 1923
shoe leather epi
...any modification of the conditions of life as they exist in a community...this requires more than a knowledge of the specific organisms of disease...it requires a knowledge of the community, the psychology of the people, their social organization...(in Lilienfeld, 1984)
conglomeration of organizations and institutions defined by function...with interest in improving the public's health (Turnock, 2001)
Community-health broadly defined
ACA-mandated Hospital Community Health Assessment
Community-based Participatory Research
Healthy People 2020 Objectives: Addition of Structural Factors
Ecology and Culture of Central Concern (Breman, 2011)
Most of our Epi history focused on infectious disease
(Fine, 2013)
Faith Partners:

What do you think of when you think of Public Health?

Today's Topics
History and Origins of Public Health
Evolution of our Understanding of Public Health
data, methods, approaches
Current PH - Models and Essential Functions
Assets of Public Health
Public Health Partners:

What do you think of when you
think of Public Health?
Public Health is...
Health Equity
Be honest...
Health disparity
is a particular type of health difference that should not exist in the population.
Health inequity
is a difference or disparity in health status that is systematic, avoidable and unjust.
Health equity
is the absence of systematic disparities in health (or determinants of health) between population groups in a social hierarchy or with different levels of social advantage or disadvantage.

What did your friends/family think you were getting yourself into?
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