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Ratio Road Trip Project

No description

Assia Snineh

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Ratio Road Trip Project

Ratio Road Trip Project
Picture Time!
Here are some pictures of each city we will be visiting in our trip!:
Rental Car (Ford Mustang 2012)
The Rental Car I picked was the 2012 Ford Mustang! I picked the 2012 Ford Mustang because it was the 2nd cheapest rental car out of all 6 cars. Also, because you don't need to spend much money on gas. Fuel only costs 1.09 gallons each 25 miles. The Ford Mustang is a very noisy and very fast car. If i would travel to Miami, Florida I would get there 3/4 *(times) faster with a Ford Mustang 2012 than any other car. A Ford Mustang comes in many colors. In my opinion my favorite color is the blue and red.
From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Buffalo, New York it is 377 miles away from each other. From Buffalo, New York to Miami, Florida it is 1,382.5 miles away from each other. Miami, Florida to Minnesota, Minneapolis is 1,932.2 miles away from each other. From Minnesota, Minneapolis to Las Vegas, Nevada is 1,630.6 miles away from each other. Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles, California is 270.6 miles away from each other. Finaly, from Los Angeles, California to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is 2,711 miles away from each other.
Conclusion(Total Cost$)
All together on this trip my partner and I will spend $1,800 dollars on our rental car; $27,180 dollars in our hotels; $287.73 dollars on fancy restaurant and fast food restaurant: and finally 312.80 dollars on fuel. The total cost for this trip is 29,580.53
City's to go see:
On this trip my partner and I will go visit these places:
Starting City~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia
City 1~ Buffalo, New York
City 2~ Miami, Florida
City 3~ Minnesota, Minneapolis
City 4~ Las Vegas, Nevada
City 5~ Los Angeles, California
Ending City~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia
In each city we will stay for 18 days each. Also, the time we will be sightseeing will be each 3 days and 6 hours!
Here's Philadelphia
Here's Buffalo
Here's Miami
Here's Minnesota
Here's Las Vegas
Here's Los Angeles
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