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Athletes that broke barriers

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Angela Altazan

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Athletes that broke barriers

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Athletes that broke barriers By Whitney Lovell
Simone Biles
Barriers broke by Athletes
Simone Biles - Overcame the challenge of being adopted because her mother was a Alcoholic and a drug user. Also being bullied because she was adopted.
Kathleen Baker - Overcame the challenge of Crohn's Disease. She didn't let that stop her.
Yusra Mardini - Overcame the challenge of swimming across the Mediterranean sea and saving the lives of many people.
Simone Manuel- Overcame the challenge of being one of the first African American girls to swim in the Olympics.
Ibtihas Muhammd - Overcame the challenge of her religion and race stopping her from doing fencing and overcame being scrutinized because of it.
Oksana Chusovitina - Overcomes the challenge of her age and she isn't letting that stop her from doing gymnastics. She is about to become the oldest competing

This information was found at http://www.makers.com/blog/female-athletes-who-overcame-adversity-while-making-olympic-history
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