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on 19 January 2013

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EDNA MARTIN WHO I AM WORK I’m married 6 years ago, I have one daughter, her name is Gabriela, she’s 5 years old, she is a very pretty and happy girl. I love her so much. She is studying at a bilingual school, so she likes English very much.
My husband is Fabio Albarracìn. He is a taxi driver and also he studies Psychology at National University (UNAD), he likes to travel with his family. Now, you have known a little part of my life! My name is EDNA NYDIA MARTIN PEÑA , I´m 39 years old, I´m not so tall, my hair is wavy, and Brown, my eyes are Brown light and I am a little fat. I am a teacher. I studied Math at the Distrital university FRANSICO JOSE DE CALDAS, and also I am a UNIVERSITY EDUCATION specialist from SANTO TOMAS DE AQUINO university. I work at the public School IED MANUEL DEL SOCORRO RODRIGUEZ , with seventh and eleventh graders. The school is located at the south of Bogotà, in Santa Lucia neighborhood ( Avenue 44 south No. 23A-52). The school has articulated with the National Learning Service (SENA) three years ago. It offers the programs of Software Design and tourist Information. The school is organized in two locations and two shifts. It has about 1700 students and 44 grades, from Pre School to eleventh grade. MY FAMILY WHO I AM HOBBIES My hobbies are: traveling, reading, walking , swimming , and sleeping; I like sharing with my girl and my husband. DREAMS At this moment I am studying a specialization
in educative administration, I hope to finish it soon and continue studying the master program. I dream seeing my daughter as a professional and with her own family. I LIKE ... I like to travel around Colombia.
In fact, I have gone to the Caribbean coast, the east part of Colombia, Santander, and San Andres Island. I have gone to Panama, too. I can say that the most beautiful feeling is being next to the sea. Now, you have known a little part of my life!
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