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Crossing The Bridge

English Anthology

Amanda DasGupta

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Crossing The Bridge

"Crossing The Bridge" My anthology will illustrate how diverse educational programs can help in a holistic manner to better the educational opportunity and well-being for Metro-Detroiters The purpose of this anthology is implement the importance of diverse programs in the educational system. Although there are only 14.2% African-Americans in Michigan, there are 81.6% in Detroit, Michigan. Chapter One:Timber Bridge-The History of Education in Detroit Chapter one was named the timber (wood) bridge because they are the most natural and primitive bridges. Some of these bridges were naturally constructed unlike all of the other bridges in the following Chapters. Most essentially, evolution and progression are nothing without history and the
natural productions of life. The history of Detroit school systems, such as the 1960s controversy with the students, teachers, parents and school board, are used as an example. When they fought against each other, they provoked more damage but when the students and some school administration work in sync, more progressed was made. Chapter Two: The Stone Bridge- The Healthy Choice Stone bridges are constrasted to ealth due to the fact that the issue in Detroit is obesity. Both of these shows signs of "erosion"; one because of the lack of resistant material and the other due to the lack of education. Stone bridges, such as the Ponte Fabricio in Rome, and living a healthy life are both aesthetical. Knowledge of one's history is important as well as knowledge of one's self in order to progress into the knowledge of others and institutions. Many supermarkets with well-priced and healthy fruits, vegetables and nutritional foods have moved to the suburbs. Chapter two was named this because during the Stone Age, came opportunity for learning after some of the first sparks of intelligence arrived such as the first wheel, the first started fire, and the first known language. Chapter Three: The Concrete Bridge-The Opportunity of Schools The Opportunity for students to first get an education
and secondly, choose where they would like to be educated is an essential part of the learning process. A concrete bridge can be compared with the opportunities of schools because important, aesthetic foundations have been layed down before these both were created. A concrete bridge, just as schools, work towards helping to support larger amounts of people that many stone and wood bridges could not. However, students and parents are still lagging even with the knowledge of some health and some history, many students in Detroit are lagging and in need for some more effective solutions. Chapter Four:The Aluminum Bridge and the Introduction to "Bridge" Programs
Bridge programs, are programs that help lagging students to transition or “cross the bridge” from one level of schooling to the next, such as the ones Wayne State University in Detroit, MI offers. There are also bridge programs at other universities around the United States. Chapter Four makes a metaphorical reference to the aluminum, one of the newer bridges, which are great building for building creative struture and are moderately resistant, and bridge programs because they are also moderately resistant if they are implemented correctly. And like aluminum thats lighter than steel; so are
bridge programs than the advanced ones!! Chapter Five:The Steel Bridge-
The Introduction to Advanced Programs Steel bridges have the highest resistance and most favorable strength qualtie which is evident why this would be metaphorical to the advanced programs; advanced programs, that overlook bridge programs, should be another step in changing Detroit around. Programs in the more technological area, as well as artistic, are
some types of advanced programs that could be introduced at younger ages for Detroit children to succeed in school. Chapter Six: The Ultimate Bridge System The final Chapter of "Crossing The Bridge" In order for the goal for many people to advance in education, we cannot utilize one solution and push other solutions aside. That is why this chapter is the ultmate bridge. The Ultimate bridge is a bridge that uses a numerous amount of materials to remain resistant to different aspects of weather. Linking knowledge of one's history of education and self and knowledge of one's present state of inadequate resources in Detroit, these aspects form an ultimate bridge toward the enhancement of education. What is the Missing Piece to the Puzzle? Programs!! Togetherness Together, Metro-Detroiters can work towards the main goal of education but it must start with Step One: Knowing one's history and knowing one's self. Total destruction of anything that we attempt to build if we stop focusing on the goal. Without each other, this will happen Architectural Programs Cultural Diversity Programs Bridge Programs English Programs Engineering Programs Knowledge of AIDS, HIV,STDs Math Corp. DAPCEP Art Programs More available food Mathematic Programs Health Programs Advanced Programs
terrencej18 I used to love walking across that bridge. 2 days ago

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Your School is all I look forward to and that is where I am goin to college at! Go BEAVS!!!

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whats going on guys i love going to school here
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