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No description

John Payne

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of SS6H7a

Developments following WWI Russian Revolution Old Government Autocratic government
Czar Nicholas II
He was the last czar of Russia. Why Revolution? Russia was not doing so well in the war.
Millions of people were killed or wounded
Also citizens did not have enough food. Who took over and how? Bolsheviks (Communists)
Led by Vladimir Lennin
Popular Message
Peace, Bread, Land Worldwide Depression Americans enjoyed a time called "the Roaring Twenties."
In 1929 this ended with the stock market crash.
Stock prices fell and people began trying to their sell stocks. This caused the prices to go even lower.

The Depression in the US affected businesses around the world. Treaty of Versailles Treaty that ended World War I
Signed in Versailles, France in 1919
Germany was required to:
Give up one million square miles of land
Accept full responsibility for causing the war
Pay reparations
Limit its armed forces
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