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The Tallest Waterfall

No description

Breanna Dusicsko

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of The Tallest Waterfall

The Tallest Waterfall
What is the world’s tallest waterfall and give information about it?

Angel Falls
Angel Falls is 150 meters wide at the base, or about 492 feet.
Was named after the pilot who found the waterfall, Jimmie Angel.
It is said that other explorers had seen the waterfall but Jimmie Angel was the first to report it and accurately place it on the maps.
Jimmie Angel had seen the falls years earlier but no one believed him. He then went back in 1937 with his wife and crew to prove it to the world.
Jimmie Angel
By, Breanna Dusicsko
In Venezuela, which is on the tip of South America.
Where Angel Falls is Located
Angel Falls and Up
The Pixar movie Up has many features based off the falls and the area surrounding it.

For example...
Hold on it may be a bumpy ride...
The characters:
Carl and Ellie were based off of
Jimmie and Virgina Angel
Even the dogs...
The height of the falls is so great that by the time the water reaches the ground it becomes tiny particles that turn into fog.
Angel Falls is 807 meters high, or about 2,648 feet.
The jungle surrounding the falls...
And the falls itself!
During the rainy season, Angel Falls may divide into two separate waterfalls.
Angel Falls is roughly fifteen times as high as Niagara Falls.
Angel Falls feeds into a river known as the Kerep River.
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