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Trujillo's Genocide

No description

Pat Wax

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Trujillo's Genocide

20,000 Haitian Lives
Claimed Losses Losses Benefits Claimed Benefits Protection of the Dominican Republic's People
Protection of the Dominican Republic's Property
Protection of the Dominican Republic's Land
Protection of the Dominican Republic's Government
Trujillo's Genocide (Parsley Massacre)
Derek Weix Facts:
Killed 20,000 Haitians
Lasted 2 October 1937 to 8 October 1937
Most of the Haitians killed were born inside the Dominican Republic
Interesting Side notes
About 30 dollars per victims was asked back ($750,000)
of this $525,000 was paid back
of this only $0.02 were given to the Haitian survivers

After this, in an attempted to make sure the borderlands stayed
Trujillo modernized the borderlands with hospitals, schools, and more

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