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World War 2

No description

Kassandra Avina

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of World War 2

World War 2
A Segregated Army
Major Battles
There was many, many wars going on, however some wars were more meaningful than others.
Building Liberty Ships
the liberty ship was the basic cargo ship used during war, most ships were welded instead of riveted
Kaiser ship yards build many ships, they were best known for their production of liberty ships
when a riveted ship was hit, the rivet often came loose, which caused the ship to rift
Life on the Homefront
Life changed for those who werent involved in the war finally got put into place to help
Who: American and Japan
Where: Okinawa
When: Spring 1945
Why: Goal was to capture a command post near japan
Who: Germany, France, Britain and U.S
Where: Normandy
When:June 6, 1944 (D-day)
Why: All of these allies listed above were ready to invade Normandy
Preparing for War
By: Kassandra Avina
Period: 1

Tanks Replaced Cars
the automobile industry was uniquely
suited to the mass production of military equipment
began to produce trucks, jeeps, and also tanks, critically in the modern warfare, the country that could move troops and equipment the quickest were usually the ones to win the battle
not only did these automobile factories produce vehicles they also built artillery, rifles, mines, helmets, pontoon bridges, cooking pots and dozen other military equipment
in the beginning of the war, U.S was completely segregated
african americans had separate barracks, latrines, mess halls, and recreational facilities
many military units wanted to keep african americans out of combat and assign them to constuction and supply units
Mexicans become Farm Workers
Roles and Contributions of Important
Douglas MacArthur
442 Regimental Combat Team
After the Pearl Harbor was attacked the U.S got into action, and prepared for battle as soon as possible.
Rosie the Riveter
was a senior military commander in the far east during World War 2
put in charge of the Philippians to protect them from the japanese invasion
able to crush japanese military forces
won major battles

Japanese American Combat Team
fought in war
battles in Italy, France, Germany, belmont, etc
Symbolizes all the roles and effort of the women that took part in contributing to war
Pressured by war, many factories recruited women to do industrial work
About 4 million women were hired by the government

Economy needed workers in many different ares, to help in the southwest
Introduced the Bracero program in 1942
Arranged for mexican farmworkers to help harvest
Over 200,000 came to the U.S to help harvest
These important people played a big role during the World War 2
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